Zombies, Run!

...or walk or jog...it doesn't really matter.

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What is "Zombies, Run!?"

Zombies, Run! is an interactive running app used to inspire joggers. At random moments while running, a story will be told to the runner about a zombie apocalypse. During this, you pick up different items that can be used in various ways.

User Friendliness

The app is extremely easy to use and is family-friendly. The great thing about the app is you don't have to be running: You can be walking, jogging, skipping, or really want ever you want. The one thing about it is the 'flow' of the story is interrupted, when you have to manually switch to the next chapter. Other than that, the application is great.

Pros and Cons

Pros: - is exciting - is easy to use -is free

Cons: - is a bit tedious - has a long, useless tutorial

My Opinions/Final Thoughts

I think the app is fun and easy to use. It's fun because when a mission is not being spoken, it plays music for you. My only negative comment is, as I said in User Friendliness, the 'flow' of the app is a little messed up when you have to manually pick the next chapter.