Allie Wooten 2/ Ms. Green


Alpine food web

The primary source of energy is the sun, as in every food web. In this food web you'll see the producer is the plants, and the arctic fox and the bear get their energy from the producer. And the owl gets its energy from the fox.

Human effects

When humans turn land into skiing slopes some animals lose their home. Humans cut down trees which some animals live in resulting in the loss of their habitat. Some humans impact the environment in a positive way. It is proven that the alpine biome is actually one of the most protected biomes in the world.

3 organisms in my environment

Steller's Jay's: A large songbird with a large head, chunky body, rounded wings and a long full tail.

Chickaree: A squirrel with red fur.

Clark's nutcracker: Its the size of a jay but the shape of a crow, they have a short tail, round head, and a long, straight, sharp-tipped beak.