5th Amendment

boston bombing

supreme court case 5th amendment

What i think Wesley Dugle is saying is that if a citizen commits a tarriest act they are required a court date, due-process. they refuse to give him his rights because they think that he is a tarriest, such as not telling him his Miranda rights. Wesley says that since he went through everything he need to become a citizen he should be treated like one. since he is a qualified member he is just like any other member in the state of Boston. One thing Wesley said was that "by putting man in courts we ensure justice is done and we have proven beyond reasonable doubt that he really did all those thing that he was charged with". The ruling by mob is not justice its barbaric and we must stand as an example to the rest of the united states.

Goss v lopez

This case was about nine students were in trouble at school and got suspended . and the rights as a us citizen they should have gotten a trial. But the students didn't go to trial because the state of Ohio doesn't require them to hold one but as you know it states in the constitution says that they are able to have a due-process. they were challenged that their rights were violated. the supreme court ruled that the students rights were appealed.

28th amendment

one thing that i would add to the amendment would be that you can wear anything that you want to express yourself. As long as no cleavage or private parts showing.

To the Editor

Dear Editor,

I strongly support the 5th amendment because if something is in the

then it is to be followed. the constitution says nobody is above the constitution and nobody is under it so if a person/persons does not receive their full rights i think that there is a problem. I think i speak for all of the strong supporters of the 5th Amendment when i say everyone has the right of due-process. And that is all i have to say.


Eric Burris