Escaping Educator Island

Using Tech Tools for Communication & Connected Collaboration

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Twitter - the fastest & easiest way to connect and share

In 2012, there were approximately 3.7 million elementary and secondary teachers in the classrooms across our country. That's a lot of really smart people, dedicated to the samepurpose as each of us in this room: meeting the social, emotional, and instructional needs of our students. Twitter allows you to access the genius of educators around the world- and gives them access to your genius as well! Consider your SLO and PPG goals. Using Twitter, you can seek out support, resources, and research to help you meet those goals. Time is precious- you may not be able to read every book or attend every conference, but you can learn so much in 140 character conversations! Through Twitter, you can connect directly to sources for developing & strengthening your instruction. Use the search box at the top of your Twitter homepage to search for your topic/question OR search the 100s of different chats taking place all over Twitter. Interested in learning more about Professional Learning Communities? #atplc is the place for you! #kinderchat is great for those looking to connect with other kindergarten teachers/staff and for those who want to learn more about Wisconsin's Educator Effectiveness process, try #WIEE or #WIEEchat. Is math your thing? Check out @MrP_tchr, @rawsonmath and #mathchat! Connect with educational experts and researchers such as Todd Whitaker @toddwhitaker , Donalyn Miller @donalynbooks , George Couros @gcouros and Regie Routman @regieroutman, as well as the authors of the books students are reading, such as @KateMessner, @LynMullalyHunt, @Jon_Scieszka). You can also tap into what other teachers in your area of focus/interest are working on and learning. Connect with brilliant Wisconsin educators, such as @curtrees (RtI, culturally responsive instruction) or @readbyexample (reading) , @mrmatera (gamification) Interested in lots of different things? You will want to follow @cybraryman1 to access his incredible wealth of knowledge and resources. Want to learn more about standards based grading or homework? Check out @rickwormelli, @WHSRowe and @garnet_hillman. Are you a phy.ed teacher looking to connect with phy.ed teachers? Check out @MrMetcalfPEm @DMickBeversdorf and @CollinBrooksie. Love the Packers? @packers, @jordynelson, @ClayMatthews52, @AaronRodgers12 are on Twitter, too! There's a whole world waiting to be discovered!
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Voxer is a walkie-talkie app- but it SO much more than that! Voxer allows you to leave recorded messages for others, listen to their messages when it is convenient, or participate in a live conversation with up to 500 people. Use Voxer to communicate with a group for dinner plans, to connect with members of your PLN at a whole new level, family communication, or even for students. Recently, a student was struggling to remember the sentences he had created and shared verbally. Voxer would allow his teacher to record him speaking so that he could go back and listen to them repeatedly while he wrote them down. With the text features Voxer offers, you can send your responses in written form, and add links or photos. Voxer can even be used in emergency situations. For example, it would both time-saving and secure to communicate if a particular student is missing or if the building is clear and all are safe to return to class. The possibilities of what can done with Voxer are endless! How will YOU use Voxer?
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Remind - text communication that's safe for everyone



Take your communication with the families of your students to a whole new level with Smore! This app allows you to embed links, photos, and text boxes to share all of the awesome things that are happening in your classroom and school. Looking for a way to share that snippet from the concert? You can do that with Smore! Want students to show what they have learned during their biography research? Smore will allow them to share their research, add photos and graphics, even add videos of the person. (Think JFK's "Ask not what your country can do for you..." speech. With a wide range of backgrounds, text fonts, colors... you are able to personalize your flyers to fit you and your audience. Even better, Smore flyers can be shared via email, on Facebook or Twitter, or even printed out. Smore is free to educators, but there are also subscription versions available for those looking for more options. Did you use "Increasing parent communication" for your PPG? Smore has analytic features that allow you to see how many people have read your flyer, where in the country/world the views are coming from, and how long people are spending on your flyer. That's a lot of data that can then be used as a part of your artifact collection!
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