Deferred Teen Depression

"Parents just don't understand," said Will Smith.

Parents Love Their Children

You can ensure that you love your child 110%! However, you can admit that your overprotectiveness can come off like nagging and complaining about your children's behavior but we all know it is because you love them. The truth is, parents hate to see their kids hurting (Barston, Segal, Smith GALE). Parents just feel frustrated because they don't understand what is going on in their child's life or know how to help (Barston, Segal, Smith GALE).

Neglected Teen

"Instead of continuing to try and approach their child, parents tend to withdraw from them even though they wonder what’s making them so angry all the time" (Staessen WWW). In fact, a Columbia University study "found that 90% of the 900 parents interviewed said they would know if their teenage child were depressed or suicidal. In reality, however, two-thirds of depressed teens are not diagnosed and are left at risk of suicide" (Staessen WWW).

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Teenagers and Depression: What Parents Need to Know

Step In

My child is just at that age where they go through a phase.

What if it's not just a phase? Step in to make sure they are behaving normally. Step in to talk about how they are feeling. Step in and receive outside help. Not all symptoms are apparent and easy to be defined as symptoms of depression. As soon as the symptoms interfere with their daily life, you know it's very serious.

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("Teenagers and Depression: What Parents Need to Know")

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