Creepy but Cool

By Trinity Dorn

Meet the Corn Snakes

Are you afraid of snakes? Well there are snakes that aren't harmful to people. Those snakes are Corn Snakes! Did you know that Corn Snakes do not eat the corn? They eat the mice and rats that eat the corn. They also keep the population of rats and mice in check.
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Cool Corn Snake Facts

The corn snake is a type of rat snake species.They are found Southeastern and United States.They have attractive scale color and simple care, that's why they are good pets and popular.Corn snakes are harmless and have no venom, but people still kill them for no reason. Is that fair for the poor snake? They lack venom to protect themselves from predators.They help control the population the wild rats, because the rats destroy the crops and give people disease.

Corn snakes get their names because they're always by grain stores.People thought so-named because of their pattern and color.Corn references can be useful to identify corn snakes.They are usually orange and brown.Corn snakes climb trees sometimes and mostly stay underground to hunt for rats and food.

Corn snakes bites

Corn snake bites are not venomous so you will barely feel pain. It feels like a small bee sting.Some corn snakes can bite people if you get them angry or agitated.Corn snakes have sharp teeth so be careful when they are trying to bite you.Corn snakes are constrictors, that's why they don't have venom.

Corn snake height

They grow large enough to make interesting and striking pet snakes, yet not large as too difficult to cater properly in captvity or to get to the size that it can be dangerous to handle them.

But ask different reptile keepers how long do corn snakes get and you won't get one standard answer.

Like us humans, who may grow to little more than 5 feet tall to well over 6 feet in adults, different corn snakes attain different sizes.

Corn snakes can generally get to be around 1.5 - 2 meters in length so some specimens may only grow to a meter in length while others may reach 2.5 meters or even longer.

Remember that when discussing snake length a 2 meter long corn snake very rarely looks that long as they are not bulky snakes and spend much of their time curled up.

Its sometimes surprising when you see a snake actually fully extended to its real size!

Corn Snake care

Corn snakes (Elaphe guttata) make an excellent choice as a pet snake. Pet corn snakes are generally docile, relatively easy to care for, and do not get too large. They are excellent escape artists, however, so care must be taken when planning their housing.

Corn snakes do make a good choice for beginners since they are easy to handle and care for. However, they are also favorites with experienced keepers due to the vast array of beautiful colors and patterns and also the selective breeding.


All Corn Snakes come in different colors and patterns.Also there are a lot of types of Corn Snakes like the Pearl Motley Corn Snake.

More info on the corn snakes

Life span: around 15-20 years, sometimes longer.

Corn snakes are closely related to rat snakes (rat snakes also belong to the genus Elaphe). Sometimes corn snakes are also called red rat snakes, mainly the amelanistic (lacking brown or black coloration) variations.

Corn snakes are native to the south eastern United States and are mainly land dwelling.

Scary eaters

Corn Snakes are very sneaky when it comes to eating, and they are fast strikers. Watch the video below to see how cool they look when they eat.
Feeding my corn snake. (live feeder)
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Don't be Scared

The next time you see a Corn Snake don't kill it or be afraid because they are harmless, beautiful, and colorful creatures that never want to hurt anyone.
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