WHY: To think carefully about our learning.

To think about our emotions - how these affect ourselves and others.

SIGNS OF SUCCESS: We can reflect on our learning and discuss what we have learned.

We can control our emotions and know what to do when we feel upset, excited, stressed or tired.


Welcome to the end of week three! What a quick week that was with Labour day on Monday.

This week we have got in to 2019's production. The production this year is called 'The legend of Paetoki'. This has been written with the kids and the staff and is a 'localised production' about the massive rock that sits under the bridge, as you cross the Huatoki river from our school.

The school has been lucky enough to have been granted endorsement from our Ngati te whiti hapu to name this rock Paetoki. To see what Paetoki means, see the info down below.

The production will be 'one night only' and will be an outdoor production - held on the senior courts with a stage at one end - it is going to be awesome!!

Next week Mr Stirling and Miss King are having their learning conferences from Term 3. At this meeting they will go over the progress report from Term 3 and goals for term 4 and in to 2020.

Next Thursday at 9.30am we have our some of Year 6 students heading to Highlands for orientation. A note will come home on Monday about this. Parents will be required to pick up your child from Vogeltown and take them down and stay with them for the orientation and bring them back to Vogeltown afterwards. If you can not get your child there, please let us know.


We would like to welcome these students and their families to Vogeltown - we know you will really enjoy our kura!

Welcome to - Mason Brough (Rm 5)

We welcomed all our new students from this term today in front of the whole school with our wonderful korowai. See the photos below:


Well done to these awesome 'Vogeltowners' who received an award today at assembly:

Mila-Anne Chapman, Audrey Coutts, Lily Graham, Jackson Cowley, Anea Briscoe-Brett, Sophie Flitcroft, Sam Collins, Victoria Crawford, Tai Ransfield, Aria Baker, Mela D'Ath, Cierra Jones, Emily Lowry, Connor Gane, Jonny Smith, Bianca Corbett-Howcroft, Emily Strydom, Sapphire Borrell, Connor Cowan, Kawana Erueti, Manaia Ranapia, Craig Green, Kyson Wallace, Jasper Miners, Kayleen du Plooy, Toby Briscoe, Makita Boon.

Tu Meke Whanau!


The biggest link for Paetoki in the river is to Paeare and Paetawa which are special rocks already in the Huatoki.

Our rock forms a resting place for people - a special place that has a bridge built on top if it and was a resting place to place a toki. It will be a place we will have graduation ceremonies at, whanau hui at, a place that the senior team can relate to and know that their team is named after this special place/rock.

Pae is a place to rest and a toki is an adze used in the river and then placed upon the rock like a paepae. The rock that was used to make the toki was Kokawa (andesite) a volcanic rock that was plentiful (and still is) in the Huatoki awa.


To assist the school with preparation for 2020, please inform the office of any students who may be starting or leaving that we may not already know about.

Please note, if you have a student who is transitioning to an intermediate or year 7 - 13 school in 2020 we advise you to check that the enrolment has been received and accepted by that school. This is especially important for schools that have an enrolment scheme in place. Thanks heaps!


On the 30th of October it was the first road patrol practice for the year fives, I felt very nervous. There were plenty of children there. There were two police there named Pip and Anna, they showed us a video about other kids doing road patrol, they sounded like pros! After the video, Anna started to talk about putting your hand out shoulder height, to sound loud, be seen and to remember the words. The next day that I went on road patrol I was on the junior side. Luckily I remembered the words that I had to say! Mr G was on for a little bit, then Angela went on for the rest of road patrol. It was a great experience. I had a great time, I suggest you should try it out!

I can't wait to do it by myself!

By Lauren Gardner

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Term 4 Summer Sports

Outstanding payments: Can any outstanding payments please be made to the office or online as soon as possible please. Our bank account number is 15-3955-0493446-00. Please use your child's surname in the particulars and sport played as reference.

Draws: All summer sports draws are now loaded on our website on the sports page. http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/sports/

Cancellations: Any cancellations for term 4 sports can be found on the following links:

Touch: City Touch Facebook page

Netball: Netball Taranaki Website or Facebook page

Summer Soccer: NP Rangers Facebook page

Hockey: Taranaki Hockey Facebook page or Website

Cricket: Taranaki Cricket Facebook page or Website


The SKY sport Breakers are returning to TSB stadium to take on the Sydney Kings on Friday 17 January! This is a fantastic chance for your family to see quality, international-level sport right here in New Plymouth.

We are also very lucky at Vogeltown School, because our winning Yr5/6 basketball team are playing the curtain raiser to this game against Fitzroy School!

There'll be fun activities to keep the kids entertained before the game too. Perfect for Xmas, children's tickets are only $20 (plus booking fees) and family passes are only $95 (plus booking fees). Tickets available from Ticketek.co.nz, 0800 Ticketek and TSB showplace.

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TERM CALENDAR – Put all these dates in your diary or your phone!
Remember to check the school calendar on our website. We will put all updates on Facebook &

the website. Link to school calendar: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/calendar/


1 November - Whole School Assembly (Rm 12)

6 November - Devon Intermediate staff to talk to Seniors - Yr 7's in 2020

7 November - Highlands Orientation (For Year 6's in 2020)

7 November - Senior Cricket skills

8 November - Golden Bat finals!

8 November - Four Year Old Friday

14 November - Huatoki Domain open day

19 November - Road Patrollers reward day (at the Aquatic centre)

22 November - Whole School Assembly 9am (Rm 8)

27 November - School Production night!


3 December - BOT Mtg 6.30pm

6 December - Whanau Athletics day

6 December - Four Year Old Friday

6 December - Vogeltowner Awards assembly
9 December - Vogeltown 'helpers' morning tea

16 December - Yr 6 leavers assembly 11.30am (for the school)

16 December - Yr 6 leavers assembly evening (for family and whanau)

18 December - Last day of 2019. School finishes at 3pm


Kia Ora Vogeltown Whanau

Students will have brought home a calendar order form this this week with orders due in before 12 November. We are offering calendars, cards, mouse pads and notebooks again this year and samples can be viewed at the senior school office. Correct cash with orders can be dropped off to school office, no change can be given, alternatively you can pay direct to bank account as shown on order form. Please ensure your order form is complete with students name and items to be ordered please.

Call in the your child's class and check out their artwork!

Nga mihi

Vogeltown Home & School Whanau


On Tuesday night some progress data was presented to the BOT. This progress, in reading, writing and maths is very positive! It is great to see all our kids making progress in all areas and meeting some of our targets already. The staff and kids have worked really hard to get these results! Tu Meke whanau! See below:


At the end of 2018, we had 78% of all of our kids achieving at LIP 4 and above.

At the end of term 3 2019 we have:

Yr 1 65% (target 78%) Progress from T2: N/A

Yr 2 85% (target 94%) Progress from T2: +19%

Yr 3 72% (target 71%) Progress from T2: +6% Achieved

Yr 4 81% (target 91%) Progress from T2: +5%

Yr 5 84% (target 87%) Progress from T2: +12%

Yr 6 84% (target 95%) Progress from T2: +10%

WRITING - (Currently our school focus and PLD)

At the end of 2018, we had 72% of all of our kids achieving at LIP 4 and above.

At the end of term 3 2019 we have:

Yr 1 64% (target 86%) Progress from T2: N/A

Yr 2 85% (target 95%) Progress from T2: +15%

Yr 3 76% (target 69%) Progress from T2: +19% Achieved

Yr 4 67% (target 85%) Progress from T2: +9%

Yr 5 74% (target 76%) Progress from T2: +14%

Yr 6 72% (target 92%) Progress from T2: +5%


At the end of 2018, we had 76% of all of our kids achieving at LIP 4 and above.

At the end of term 3 2019 we have:

Yr 1 65% (target 82%) Progress from T2: N/A

Yr 2 91% (target 94%) Progress from T2: +18%

Yr 3 63% (target 80%) Progress from T2: +6%

Yr 4 71% (target 89%) Progress from T2: +9%

Yr 5 74% (target 90%) Progress from T2: +2%

Yr 6 70% (target 93%) Progress from T2: +5%


In Term 1 and Term 3 we asked for some feedback from the community around 'your satisfaction with the school'. In term 1 we received 121 responses, in term 3 we received 124.

Below are the responses to the 3 main questions we focus on:

1) Does Vogeltown provide a quality education for your child?

2) Would you recommend Vogeltown school to other families?

3) Does Vogeltown School bring out the best in your child?

See the graph below for our tracking over time. You will notice that the satisfaction results for this year are amazing! This is great feedback for the staff and BOT and Vogeltown!

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1) Hats - all kids will need to have a 'bucket hat' at Vogeltown next week. The sun is beginning to get hot and burn times are increasing. Thanks.

2) If you are in the school over the weekend, please respect and look after our playgrounds and fields. The tennis nets are up, the basketball goals are looking good, there is new bark on the playground and extra sand in the sandpits!


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There are new whanau boards going up at the junior and senior school. We already have the senior one up. These boards are 'graphical' in the way they present the whanau points - so we can see who is winning!

You will also notice the new whanau mascots! These have been developed by the Class Reps who worked with an artist to come up with a mascot for each whanau! Now we just need to name the mascots. At the moment we have:

Kakariki Kea, Kahurangi Tui, Karaka Pigeon, Kowhai Kiwi and Whero Fantail.

Big thanks to the Class reps for their design ideas and surveys!

Thanks whanau

Good luck to all our Vogeltowners playing summer sport this week and this weekend. Play hard, play fair, enjoy!

On behalf of the Vogeltown team,

Ka kite ano

Jeremy Ogle - Principal



Dear parents, MusiqHub is opening a waiting list for Guitar and Ukulele Music Lessons. To book lesson space please contact Peter Heard for on 027 431 3544 or email peter.heard@musiqhub.co.nz FYI Your child can try a lesson for free to give them an expereince of what music lessons would be like 😊

Many thanks,

Peter Heard


027 431 3544

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