March 15th, 2016 --- Volume 3, Issue 4

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I have recreated & updated the AVF & the Cavernoma Data Collection Forms. These forms will be treated in the same manner as the STAR & SAM forms. Currently, I am working on approval from the NSY Dept. & then approval from the Forms Committee. Once this is complete, all forms will be able to be scanned into the patient's EMR.

Because I have better forms regarding fistulas & cavernomas, I will be digging out more detailed data & more specific documentation on the following lesions:

  • AVF
  • dAVF
  • CCF
  • Cavernoma

A sneak peek of the AVF data collection form is below.

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How YOU Can Help with Fistula Documentation:

The bi-weekly focus is selecting the correct COGNARD Classification when documenting an intracranial fistula.

When describing the malformation, provide enough details so I will be able to complete the AVF section of the Data Collection Form (above) AND provide the Fistula Type according to COGNARD Classification Chart (below) .

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