An easy way to make videos

Location: Ms. Kubin's Art Room


Animoto is a site used to create videos. Educators can sign up for a free account!

According to their website, these are the 3 simple steps:
1- Insert photos & videos

2- Customize your style

3- Share & enjoy

60 Second How to Use Animoto


  1. At least one team member should set up an account.
  2. Use the photos your team just took to create an Animoto video.

A World To See - Animoto Sample Video

Earn Team Points

Mark your points on the back of your booklet. For this part of the adventure, draw a TV using the blue marker provided at your station.

1 point: create an Animoto account and explore the site

2 points: create an account AND create a video (email the link to Nicole & Vanessa)

3 points: post the video you created on the G+ community

Brought to you by

Vanessa and Nicole

We will be wandering around during your adventure to help out!