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Newsletter Date:

September 2021

Volume 1, Issue 4

Principal's Corner

September Greetings!

Now that we are back into the full swing of school, we are beginning to dive into getting to know each individual student and their academic skills and needs to best support them all year! Starting the week of September 7th, your student will take tests called Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®). Each school year, students in grades six through eight take MAP tests in September, December, and May in order to follow their academic growth. Following each testing period, parents and guardians will receive a report showing your student’s growth.

The MAP Growth tests help determine your student’s instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year, and from year to year in the areas of reading, math and language usage. At Patrick Henry, MAP tests will be administered in the morning on September 8th, 9th, and 14th. Students will take the tests on their chromebook.

MAP Growth tests are unique in that they adapt to be appropriate for your student’s level of learning. This means that the test becomes more difficult the more questions your student answers correctly. When your student incorrectly answers a question, the test becomes easier. Therefore, your student will take a test specifically created for his or her learning level. As a result, each student has the same opportunity to succeed and maintain a positive attitude toward testing. In addition, with MAP Growth tests, we can administer shorter tests and use less class time while still receiving detailed, accurate information about your student’s growth. Over the next couple of weeks, your student will spend a total of about four to five hours completing these tests.

Your student’s MAP Growth results will be reported in RIT scores. This is a different type of score than a typical test that provides a percentage correct. It is also different from many tests that provide results based on your student’s score compared to others in his or her grade. Instead, the RIT score is an equal-interval scale, like feet and inches, that is independent of grade level. As a result, we can easily measure growth in learning. This type of score increases the value of the tests as a tool to improve student learning because it enables teachers to recognize where to focus attention for your student’s learning.

We are truly excited to continue our quest to focus our instruction and learning based on every student’s individual growth and achievement. Partnering to help all kids learn, parents and teachers can have a profound positive effect on the lives of our children.

If you have any questions regarding the MAP Growth® Assessments, please feel free to contact your student’s teacher, counselor, or administration.

We ask that families avoid appointments during the testing days if at all possible. We also encourage a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast to ensure students are at their best!

Thank you for your support and partnership!

Kim Sharping


Patrick Henry Middle School


Calendar of Events

  • Labor Day Break Sept-3rd-6th
  • Map Testing Sept 8th, 9th and 14th
  • Picture Day Sept 10th

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Suggested School Supply List

In order to reduce the sharing of classroom supplies, please review the suggested supplies list for your child(ren).

21-22 Parent Calendar

Counselors Corner

We have three fantastic school counselors at Patrick Henry! Please click on the "Counselor Corner" button below to view the counselor's newsletter for this month that houses many helpful resources, social, emotional learning information and much more. This information is provided to help both students and parents navigate the middle school years!

Ms. Hannah Serck - 6th Grade

Mrs. Briana Nelsen - 7th Grade

Ms. Margi Orris - 8th Grade

You can also access the counseling website by clicking the link right next to our counseling phone number!

Student Attendance

If your child is going to be absent, please call the school (367-7639) prior to

8:40am. An absence must be reported either by note or phone in the day of

the absence, or before if you know ahead of time. Absences can also be reported

via voicemail outside of regular office hours.

Students leaving during the day need to pick up a pass in the office by

9:00am and also check out with a parent/guardian at the office when leaving.

If they come back during the school day, a pass from the front office

needs to be issued in order for them to get back into the classroom.

After attendance is taken each morning, the attendance secretary will begin

calling parents/guardians who have not notified the school regarding a student’s

absence. Student safety is the main concern and this procedure provides

another check on a student’s absence.

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