By: Lucas, Abigail, Cameron, and Tatum.


Welcome to our country, District 1! We are a Federal Republic, 3 branches, and we have the freedom of democracy and to vote.


We have 3 branches, Vanguard, our law makers, judges, and relection in 3 years, the Protectors, who debate, take care of foreign affairs, and are in charge of the army. The relection is also in 3 years. Our last branch is the Keepers. They count the votes, send the results, and keep track of all the texts, Stock Market shares, mails, etc.

Why You Should Live Here

We have health care, insurance, individual rights, and a army. We can give you police, give you the right to vote, and give you fair trials.


We came here for refuge from all the other countries. We support religion, fairness, and want to be free and not to be stirict and not chaotic. We don't want a dictator like North Korea.