Love Is In The Hair

5 Easy Tips For Going Natural

Are you considering going Natural?

Going natural is easier said than done! By attending this 10 minute webinar, you will learn what the experts are saying about natural hair care, what tools to use, what products are hot on the market, and what hairstyles are trending!

Love Is In The Hair

Friday, June 19th, 11-11:15am

This is an online event.

This webinar is designed to kick start your natural hair care journey, as well as educate and inform those who are on the fence. By attending this webinar, you will learn what natural hair care is all about, expose the audience to helpful products, how to get started on your journey, and what tools to use.

Tune in and learn what going natural is all about!


  • Introduction

  • How To Get Started on Your Natural Journey

  • What Products Are Right For You

  • What Tools To Use

  • Fun Hairstyle Options

About: Denisha Randle

Denisha Randle is a public relations graduate student who believes successful brands are those who make their customers feel special, by creating personalized experiences.