Texas Road Trip





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My day in Houston was just unbelievable. It began with a visit to the NASA Space Center, the Official Visitors Center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. It is originally known as the Manned Spacecraft Center. It’s a place where we could experience space from a different point of view. It’s one of the only places on Earth where visitors can see astronauts train for their missions, touch a real moon rock and take a behind-the-scenes tour of NASA. The world class exhibits, attractions and hands-on activities tell the story of America’s manned space flight program, give guests an out-of-this-world experience like no other. This place to me is very unique because it is a place where we could explore space without actually being in space. It is very important because that's where they launch the space missions from. My very favorite was the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory where the astronauts would train for their mission in an Olympic sized swimming pool. I better hurry now got to go the Houston Dynamo soccer game.

Houston Dynamo

I finally got tickets for the soccer game of Houston Dynamo. The Houston Dynamo is an American Major League Soccer team based in Houston, Texas. Today its Houston Dynamo against Chicago Fire. They have two nicknames , the Dynamo and the Orange Crush. They have quite a pre-game warm-up routine where the crowd gets really festive and excited with loud chants and the singing of the local "anthem". The Houston Dynamos almost scored off a free-kick. The entire crowd went "aah!!!" When they finally scored in the second half the place went wild. Just then fireworks shot up and it was incredible. As soon as the fireworks lit up everyone started taking pictures which is why I could only see flashes all around. I enjoyed the experience so much that I almost felt like a Houstonian. The stadium was unique to me because of it's special architecture. It is as I discovered one of the newer stadiums in the league. My favorite was the fireworks and the cheerleaders. This was important because people with different cultures unite to support the team. I better go hurry and head to the Museum of Natural Science!!!!!

Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS)

Right after the soccer game I left to go to the hotel to get some rest . After that I planned to go to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. When I got there I was surprised at how everything looked. The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a science museum located on the northern side of Hermann Park in Houston. This museum was founded in 1909 by the Houston museum and Scientific Society. The Houston Museum of Natural Science is one of the most popular such museums in the United States. By the 1980's, the museum's long lasting displays included a dinosaur exhibit, a space museum, and exhibits on geology, biology, petroleum science, technology, and geography. In 1991-1994 a number of exhibit halls were updated and the development of the Sterling Hall of Research was completed. This was unique to me because I've never been to a science museum. I didn't really have a favorite because the whole museum was my favorite! This museum is imporatant because it is one of the many attractions in Houston! Off to bed, I have to get my sleep for tomorrow's fun trip to Galveston!!!!!!


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Galveston Island

In the morning it was so great to see the beautiful sunrise at the beach. We arrived there shortly before at about 6:55 am. I thought of waking up early and going to the beach was a good idea because seeing the sunrise at the beach is truly unbelievable. Plus the weather was just nice. There was wind blowing and the sun was out, which was just the perfect weather to go to the beach. Galveston Island has sandy beaches located on the Gulf Coast in the United States. When European's came, Indian Tribes lived and camped on what became known as Galveston Island. Prior cultures most likely used it as well for seasonal fishing and hunting. Historians believe the Island is where Alvar Nunez Cabaza de Vaca and his small party made a brief stop in November 1528, during his windy and heavy survival adventure. During the Civil War, the Union army captured the control of the island from the South for a few months during early 1863. Confederate forces commanded by John B. Magruder to expel them from the island, and the Confederates controlled it for the remainder of the war. My favorite part was when we were swimming cause we were playing Marco Polo. This was important to me because this was the first time I went to an island. This was unique because I've never been surrounded by water and this was the first time for m to be on an island. Later now, I have to leave to go to the hotel!

Galveston Railroad Museum

When I got to our hotel I took a shower since we were swimming then got ready as fast as I could since we were going to the railroad museum. When I reached there we went to a lot of sections. I asked the guy what is hi name. So he said my name is Walter. So I asked Walter what is the Galveston railroad museum? So he said " The Galveston Railroad Museum is a railroad museum owned and managed by The center for Transportation and Industry". He also told me that " The Galveston Railroad Museum was set with funds from Galveston's businesswoman and helper Mary Moody Northen and the Moody Foundation. The museum has reopened after hurricane Ike and is raising donations for matching grant money to restore the exhibits damage. Hurricane Ike is a windstorm that swept through portions of the Greater Antilles and Northern America in September 2008." I thought that was really interesting. I was so glad that he told me what Hurricane Ike was because I would have no clue on what Hurricane Ike would be. Thanks' to him I know what Hurricane Ike is and I also know what the Galveston Railroad Museum is all about. I thought that the Hurricane Ike was important. My favorite was when Walter talked about Mary Moody Northen. This museum is unique to me because its a railroad museum and it's just different to be in a railroad museum. Off to go to the One Moody Plaza!

One Moody Plaza

When we reached the One Moody Plaza I got scared because the One Moody Plaza was so tall. When we were looking around I found out a lot of things that The One Moody Plaza is a 23 floor building/skyscraper at 1902 Market Street in Downtown Galveston, Texas, United States. The building was designed by the structural firm of Neuhaus & Taylor. At its completion in 1972, One Moody Plaza was the tallest building in the Galveston County, standing 357.6 feet and 109 m tall. The American National Insurance Company, one of the top 100 largest companies in the Houston area, is headquartered in this building. I thought that was really interesting. Right after we were done looking around we were heading to eat dinner. We went to a fancy place at a Mexican restaurant. I ordered Enchilada. Then we were heading to the hotel. When we got to the hotel I changed into my pajamas. The One Moody Plaza was important to me because It is one of the tall buildings in Galveston. It was unique because I've never been to a skyscraper, My favorite was when I was looking down but it was also scary. Alright I think I wrote enough for today. Gonna get my rest so that I can enjoys tomorrow's adventure!

Day 3: Waco

Armstrong Browning Library

In the morning I woke up early and quickly ate breakfast as I was in a rush to go the Armstrong Browning Library. As we were parking I saw that it was at Baylor University. I was so excited. When I walked in I found out some things about the library. The Armstrong Browning Library is located on the campus of Baylor University in Waco, Texas, USA and is the home of the largest sets of English poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barret Browning. The original collection of Browning works were donated to Baylor in 1918 by Dr. A.J. Armstrong. After the death of the Browning's only son Robert Barrett Browning and subsequent sale of their collection, Dr. Armstrong obtained a list of the items sold and their purchasers attempted to acquire the memorial donation. Dr. Armstrong's collection was originally housed in the Carroll Library. The Carroll Library got damaged in 1922 during a fire but fortunately, none of the Browning works were lost, and a special room was finally built to house them. However, by 1925 the collection had outgrown the space. The important part of the Browning library to me was when I got to know about the Carroll library. This was unique because I've never been to a library on the campus of Baylor University. My favorite was when the fire happened and everything got all better. Time to head to the zoo, don't want to be late.

Cameron Park Zoo

When we reached there I jumped out of my mini van and started to nag everyone to hurry up so that we could have enough time to see all the animals. While we were looking at the animals I got to know some history about the place. The Cameron Park Zoo features species from North and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Including a large reptile house, an African lion display, and Lemur Island, a large open habitat. In 2005, a large new area was opened called the Brazos River Country, featuring a 50,000-US-gallon (190,000 l) saltwater reef aquarium, a large swampland habitat, and many other native Texas type habitats, featuring numerous species found within the state. The exhibit is so large, it nearly doubled both the animal population and overall size of the zoo. In 2009, the zoo opened Asian Forest, expanding its collection to include endangered species, such as Orangutans, Sumatran tigers, and Komodo dragons.

Floyd Casey Stadium