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Ranjodh Johal



S- I want to get good grades in all my courses especially math and science and make the honour roll by achieving 80% or higher average in both my semesters for grade 10

M- I will ask my teachers and tutors to check my work to make sure I am applying my full on knowledge and understanding what I am learning

A- I will attend public tuition in my school library and outside of school for help and to gain extra knowledge. A major thing I will do to get better grades is study more often and stop procrastinating since it stops me from getting good grades and doesn’t benefit me at all.

R- I believe getting good grades and making the honour roll is the key to success

T- I will reach this goal before June 2016 at the end of my high school 2015-2016 semesters.


S- I want to volunteer at a dentistry to gain experience also learn how everything works for future knowledge in the field I would be working in the future

M- I will do research and gather information to check if I am learning and doing it correctly, I would also ask the head dentist and or secretaries for advice and learning procedures

A- I will try to go often to the dentist’s workplace if not on the weekdays I would surely go to the dentist for 2 hours and gain knowledge about my surroundings and explore and develop as well as improve my skills in this field of work. I would also try asking question since I am not that talkative.

R- I believe gaining knowledge about my future career is important and will help me in university and later in my future career

T-I will reach this goal before September 2016 at the start of my high school 2016-2017 semesters.

Preparing for Transition and Change

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Ranjodh Johal

30 Dentist Dr. Brampton, L6R 0Y9|416 937 6899|


To achieve or obtain a full time job as a Dentist or assistant dentist.


  • Exceptional communication skills with many of my fellow colleges, assistants, managers, bosses and employees


  • Able to think fast on a solution for a problem, critical thinker


  • Able to work with my fellow employees and bosses. Can guide others and handle stress and problems very well. I can take on being the big man and lead others and tell them hat to do. Very good at leading in a very organized manner



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2018- 2023

Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Toronto

2023- 2026

Doctor of Dental, University of Toronto

Challenges and Solutions

One of the many challenges there is when becoming a dentist is getting the patient under control and keeping a controlled environment for yourself and the patients. A dentist will need to be able to handle their job, profession and their patients. Many patients can get nervous or stressed out but a dentist ha to calm them down so everything will go alright and the patients will be happy. This issue has a solution which is very simple. A dentist would maybe want their work space to be nice, clean, organized and appealing to both adults and children. A dentist could maybe greet the patient and have a talk this usually calms someone down. A dentist could also have something like a TV so the patient is distracted and doesn’t cause as tantrum or get nervous and stress out. Something a patient could do is maybe get there mind off of what they’re going up against and just relax. If a patient is in a lot of pain and is uncontrollable a dentist could maybe put on a gel which would freeze there mouth and they won’t fell a things, the patient will be calm and under control and will just do what the dentist asks.

Another challenge dentist face is time management and being Labile. Dentist have many patients to deal with and many of them cancel their appointments or don’t show up. This is very stressful for the dentist because they already have a tight schedule and don’t have time to reschedule or take time out of there off day to do so. Dentist may have to waste some of their off time or make room in the weekdays for these patients, patients can also randomly come in a dentist office if something is wrong and that will waste more of dentist time and they’ll have to make sure the patient is alright and nothing is wrong or they aren’t in any harm/pain. Dentist can be called at any time which is why time management is a challenge. A solution for this problem is to organize my time wisely and keep a well fashion timed schedule for myself and my patients. Dentist will have to make sure everything is timed just right and if anything falls out of place make sure there’s spare time every single day in your schedule so incase a patient needs medical attention or something needs to be dealt with. Dentist will have many stressful days and maybe a packed day with many patients but if a dentist makes sure his/her schedule is timed just right and that there maybe even an hour or two of spare time each day that they can add to their schedule so incase something was supposed to happened this would be a great solution and make a dentist life much easier.