Starring the ... Fennec Fox!!!

By Michelle and Kaitlynn

What they look like

The size of the fennec fox is 9.5-16 inches. The color of a fennec fox is a pale yellowish-brown. Also the body covering is fur.

Where they live.

The habitat of a fennec fox is a desert. Which desert you say. Well it is the desert of.......Africa!!!

What the fennec foxes eat

The fennec fox eats plants, rodents, eggs, reptiles, and insects.

how do the fennec fox protect ifself

The fennec foxes predators are hyena, eagle and humans. It protects itself by hiding in there dens, running and hissing and there predators.

Interesting Facts!!!

The scientific name for the fennec fox is Vulpes Zerda. Fennec foxes have huge bat-like ears. Also fennec foxes dwell in the Sandy Sahara and elsewhere in north Africa. The fennec fox is the smallest fox in the world with fennec fox individuals ranging from 24cm to 41cm in length. The fennec fox also a remarkably long tail which range in length from 18cm to 31cm depending on the size of the fennec fox individual. In North Africa.the fennec foxes is hunted and trapped and sold commercially. They are captured for the pet trade. Sold to locultc be raised for meat or killed for their fur which is used bythe indigenous people or northern Africa.

Thank you

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed our research we worked really hard on this bye.