Daisy's Adventure

by Jose Morales

story elements

Daisy's adventure takes place in the past. the main conflict in the story is that Brian went missing after playing outside with some friends. everyone decided to go look for him. They had an unforgettable adventure. the book begins by Daisy being a sensitive person. She is very smart but takes the most craziest ideas/choices.

character analysis

the main character is daisy. three word that describe her are sensitive, smart, and crazy. the character is motivatated by one pf her friend that went missing. his name is brian. whent they went looking for him they had an unhforgettable adventure. i dislike the main character because at the beggining of the book she was sensitive. she cryed over nothing. the relationship between daisy and all her other friends is good . sh erespects others and dont judge their ideas. they support each other in anything.


the theme of the novel is that a real friend ship can do anything goof for you. they can help you with your problems and you have someone to talk to about them. one examples is that every one of brians friend helped daisy go look for him. they all cared about him. he was a good friend. another example is they all put in something for brians "rescue". a third example is they all mostly loved brians family. they were the coolest people around there. they all like to be around there. they all separated in search of brian to make it easier to find him. a final example is that a good frie3ndship makes you cool and have lots of friends.