Zeah Merritt

how to use a compass

  1. find your position and your objective on the map
  2. Fix the line of the compass with your position and objective on the map
  3. Rotate the bezel so its orienting lines run the same with the map's orienting lines

A video to show you how to use a compass and a map

How to Use a Compass & Map [Compass Navigation Tutorial]

The Magnetic Field and compasses

This is how Earths Magnetic field affects compasses.

The Magnetic field will and is guarding the earth from the sun's heat rays. The Field affects a compass because of the magnetic force and the compass is based off the magnets forces.

Explanation of a compass.

The full explanation of the compass invention is...

The compass is a wonderful helping item that William Sturgeon helped Create. The idea came from the Magnetic Field of the earth.