Bartolomeu Dias

An Adventerous Life


Bartolomeu Dias was famous for finding a quicker way from Europe to Asia to trade. He was also the first person to go all the way around the "Cape of Good Hope" .

Early Life

There is not much known about Bartolomeu before the year 1487, except that he was born in portugual 1450 and went to collage and high school.
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Where did he explore?

Bartolomeu traveled many places. He travel to sailed along the coast of Africa (1487 august). He discovered the "Cape of Needles" (1488). In 1498 Bartolomeu sailed to India. Also he sailed to the "Cape of Verde Islands", and in 1500 he sailed to Brazil.

Bartolomeu always traveled by boat.

Facts about Bartolomeu Dias
Nadia's Bartolomeu Dias video

Reasons for Exploration

  • Bartolomeu Dias sailed to South America to find new land.
  • Bartolomeu sailed to South Africa to find a new way to get to Asia to trade.
  • all was paid for by the king of portugal
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Bartolomeu died at the southern most tip of Africa 1500 May 29.

He changed the world by finding a new way from Europe to Asia

Finding a new way

Tuesday, May 29th 1500 at 6:15pm

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Cape Town, WC

Bartolomeu Dias died
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