Cougar Times

November/December 2014

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Mrs. Stoll ~ Music

Today we’re here with Mrs. Stoll, Carriage Hills very own Music teacher! She is fun and energetic, and all she wants is the best for her students. (Mrs. Stoll’s words through the whole story)

I think my job is a little in-between easy and difficult. It can be easy when students cooperate and listen. But it is difficult when there are so many classes to teach, thousands of songs, and memorize them all.

If I hadn’t taken this job, I would have taken a job as a math teacher. I would teach algebra to middle school students, since I loved math so much as a kid.

My goals as a music teacher would have to be, share all types of music and to teach kids that no matter what, there will always be something that they’re good at. Like math, everyone is better at something than someone else. And I think that music is a part of us.

My favorite type of music would have to be, vocal and instrumental. I love any kind of music with thick harmony and extra pieces added in.

My favorite part about music is the performance and sharing the harmony. I enjoy bringing it all together into one amazing performance, and helping kids realize their true potential.

My idol is my music teacher when I was in school. She taught many types of music and helped me realize my true potential. She was very important to me and she was my inspiration. Her name was Mrs. Bogardus.

My favorite hobby is reading books. My favorite types of books are adventure books, like books by Agatha Christie. My favorite book series is the Harry Potter series.

5th and 6th Grade Concerts

On November 10th, at 6:00, a jamboree of concerts kicked off! The 5th grade’s concert theme was, “Superheroes!” The 6th grade concert theme was, “Helping One Another.” The song list included:

5th grade:

Holding Out for a Hero

Batman Theme Song


Armed Forces Medley



6th grade:

ABC by Michael Jackson

The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston

Happy by Pharrel Williams

Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

We are the World 25 Hata

As the night went on, the songs grew louder as the kids grew into their singing shoes, enjoying this crazy concert. As soon as the fifth grade concert was done and they had cleared the stage, kids began dancing to ABC. The 6th grade concert started off with a couple steps and happy faces! Clapping parents and singing voices filled the Carriage Hill Gymnasium.

When it was all over, Mrs. Tina Stoll announced, “Please help put away the chairs.” The gymnasium cleared out as quickly as it had filled up. Afterwards, the volleyball team The Gators began practicing. The fun night was over, sadly. My review of the concert is, “It was a fun night and I think everyone enjoyed it.” I think Mrs. Stoll tries her hardest to make it a great experience for the children and audience. I believe it was a fun night, and the parents REALLY enjoyed it.


Mrs. Ohlrich

Mrs. Ohlrich is a new kindergarten teacher at Carriage Hill. She is from Waterloo, NE. She went to Doane University. Mrs. Ohlrich has been teaching for eight years.

Her favorites: hobby is sand volleyball, food is chocolate, color is blue. She has explored new places like Venezuela on a cruise.

Mrs.Ohlrich likes writing because she likes to see kindergarteners grow. She likes seeing excitement for learning. Mrs. Ohlrich decided to work with kids when she was in second grade. She loves Carriage Hill because she likes how we hold kids and staff to high expectations. She wanted to become a kindergarten teacher because she loves to see students learn and grow each day.

When you see Mrs. Ohlrich give her a smile. She loves smiles, they make her feel welcome.

Cougar with Character

Cougar with Character is a new thing we have at our school that starts off the Paw Pat assembly, (see the last article for the PPA). Mrs. Tapp created this program. I interviewed her, this is what she said.

Q: Why did you create the CwC? A: "I visited schools while I was in Lincoln, they honored one student from each grade every month, and I just loved the idea."

I also asked some kids in different grades what they thought of it. The statistics are most kids said yes, not many kids said no. -Michael