The Girl Without Hands

an origional Brothers Grimm tale

Quick Synopsis Of The Story

A poor miller unknowingly "sells his daughter to the devil, and in the devil"s attemts to have control over the God fearing girl, he makes the father cut off her hands. After the devil saw he could not control the girl he left the family, and the mutilated girl started to travel the world. She finds a kingdom where she marries the king, becomes queen, and is given silver hands, but the devil isnt done with her yet. He causes more mischeif while the king is away that causes the queen to flee the kingdom with her newborn son to a house in the forest where an angel sent from heaven watches over her. The king sets out on a relentless search to find his wife and son, and when he finds his wife and sees her with her hands grown back, he is overwhelmed with joy and they lived happily ever after.

Facts About The Hero

-Comes from a poor mill family

-Her father sold her out to the devil

-The girl has no hands for a good part of the story

-She is an innocent God fearing girl who has gone through a series of unfortunate events

-She is protected by God

-The brothers grimm are known for their twisted tales that dont end well for the protagonist, but this one actually ends in a happy ever after

Interesting Portion


I apoligize to all the atheists and non-christians who had to read this, but i found it as a religious story. It really is a good interesting story, I suggest that you read it. Here's the link.