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Blog Post- Ideals of Freedom

In the United States of America, we have many freedoms. As a citizen of the U.S, we have the freedom of speech, press, assembly, religion, petition and many more. In further detail, I have the right to speak my opinion without consequences and I also have the right to disagree with the government without punishment. I can freely assemble a group to express our ideas and the right to practice a religion of my choice. I also have the right to keep my personal information away from the press such as newspapers and books. The freedom I enjoy most is speech. I enjoy being able to say what I want and when I want. I enjoy the fact that I can express myself and my opinions through my words. I do not have to worry about being punished for speaking my mind. However, there are many countries that do not have as man freedoms as we do.

If a country or civilization did not have a balance of freedoms amongst the citizens, I think that country or civilization would not last long. If it did last long though, I do not think it would be a very happy place. Citizens would rebel amongst each other and against the government. The citizens would always wonder what it would be like with out all the limitations they live with. People would not be able to express themselves in any way. The citizens would go crazy and I think that they would feel like they are in a dark place with no one to talk to. Like in most dystopian books, I think soon enough the country or civilization would tear itself down. Someone would realize that how they are living is not right and would gather up people who believe the same ideas. The country would always be at war with its citizens and their riots.

10 Rules for my Utopian Society

1. you must enjoy your work because it is fun

2. you must be kind to everyone

3. no one is allowed any weapons unless you are apart of the government

3. everyone has the same three portions of food a day

4. you must have a snapchat

5. you must wear some shade of blue

6. you must go to church on Sundays

7. everyone agrees with Queen Kayleigh

8. Queen Kayleigh is the ruler

9. EVERYONE must follow these rules or there will be consequences

10. everyone must donate ice cream to Queen Kayleigh


Winston: Mathew Settle

O'Brien: Liam Neeson

Big Brother: Ed Westwick

Goldstein: Chace Crawford

Syme: Penn Badgley

Julia: Leighton Meester

New Ending to Chapter 2

Luckily it was just Mrs. Parsons, who lives down the hall from Winston, who was at his door. Turns out she just needed him for her sink. He fixed her sink and as Winston walked out of Mrs. Parsons' room, he sighed with relief knowing that the Thought Police have not caught him yet. "Put your hands in the air!" Winston turned around to see the children of Mrs. Parsons. "We have turned you into the Thought Police! They will be here any second!" yelled the young boy. Winston felt his heart drop into his stomach and had trouble breathing. Winston imagined the Thought Police digging through his drawers and finding his diary. They would read DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER. DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER. DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER. He thought of that grain of whitish dust he left on the diary and how he did not remove it. Winston knew he was already dead once the Thought Police would find out he was writing in a journal. I should have just left the door alone, Winston said in his head, Why did I have to open my door? Kids were not to be trusted. Children were trained to turn in suspicious people to the Thought Police. Soon, Winston thought, Mrs. Parsons would be turned in by her own children. Kids were the dangerous ones to nearby. Winston heard the thump, thump, thump coming up the stairs. He had no where to turn to. "Why would you do this to me?" Winston asked the kids as his lips trembled. The young little girl replied with a grunt while her older brother kept quiet with a glare. "Winston Smith! You are coming with us!" yelled one of the Thought Police officers. "You are arrested for the disobedience towards Big Brother." Winston let his head drop towards the ground.