Spotlight on Strategies

Icebreaker for Checking an Injured or Ill Person

Find Someone Who Activity

This is a popular icebreaker that I use every year in the beginning to help students get to know one another. I teach in a school with over 2,000 students so there are some kids that don't know anyone in their classes. In this unit, Checking an Injured or Ill Person, students will need to work very closely with another student in the class that they may not know. The main objectives of this unit are to have students interview a conscious person, complete a head to toe check on a victim, and demonstrate how to check an unconscious person for life threatening conditions. This activity really helps students feel a little more comfortable with a few other people in the class. This is a scavenger hunt for classmates rather than for objects. The hunt can be designed in a number of ways and for a class of any size. It fosters team building and gets physical movement going right at the beginning of a class. This hunt is devised of 22 descriptive statements. When I tell the students to begin, they circulate around the room looking for people who matches these statements. They can only use each person once even if he or she matches more than one. When they have found a match, the person writes down their first name. After everyone has completed the activity, we go over each statement and have a large group discussion. I share things about myself and I learn more about the students.


I have shared this activity with my colleague, Mike, a few years ago. He happened to walk in my classroom when this activity was going on. He thought it was great that the kids were up and moving in my health class and forced to interact with everyone in the class. I love seeing students talk to other students that they probably wouldn't if they didn't need to. He teaches a Sports Psychology course here at the High School and uses this activity as an icebreaker in the beginning of his course.

Websites for Checking an Unconscious Adult


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