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October 15-19, 2018

from Mike-

Classroom Strategies for Traumatized Students

Thanks for the great discussions and sharing of ideas at this week’s Job Alike meetings. The structures that are provided in your buildings coupled with how we respond to the behaviors that manifest in the classroom can make a difference in preparing students for a mindset where they are ready to learn. There is no replacement for the human connection between student and teacher. As requested, here is a link to the article outlining some strategies for managing the oppositional and defiant behaviors that often arise when students experience trauma.

Springfield Cardinals Field Trip

The dates for this year’s annual Springfield Cardinals field trip have been set for the following days:

Wednesday 4/17 (5th Grade)

Wednesday 4/24 (4th Grade)

Monday 4/29 (3rd Grade)

Once again this is a field trip with required participation for all buildings. Also, the dates are within the MAP testing window, so you will need to ensure that your building testing schedule accommodates these dates as to not interfere with testing. More information will be forthcoming as we are in the early planning stages, but I wanted to make sure you had these dates on your calendar.

LEA training for all principals

On October 24th and 25th there will be LEA training sessions offered for all principals. The training will focus on how to effectively serve as the LEA during IEP meetings and will take place at KAC. You may pick which date best works for your schedule. Further information will be forthcoming from Special Services Director, Brady Quirk.

Secondary Traumatic Stress for Educators is now understood that working with people in trauma — hearing their stories of hardship and supporting their recovery — has far-reaching emotional effect on the provider.

From the AAA Department

AAA is moving! Beginning November 2, the AAA department will transition to the Bentley Administrative Center. The SIS and Records phone line will be merged effective November 2. Questions for both areas should call 523-4747 or x33747. AAA group includes Assessment, Accountability, Analytics, SIS (eSchool team) and Records departments.

Power BI

· Power Hour! Trainings will continue to be held at KAC in the Board Conference Room every Tuesday morning, from 9:00 – 10:30 AM. Submit this Google Form to register.

· We want your feedback! Please provide your thoughts and ideas by following the link to the SPS Analytics Feedback Form located on all published reports, as well as directly on your dashboard. If you have access issues, please email AAA at

Assessment Dates

· 11/26/18 – 12/20/18

o MOY i-Ready testing window

o Kindergarten Dyslexia screening window

Attendance Tips

· Monitor early, monitor often & taken action.

· Encourage teachers to review first quarter student attendance.

· Make student attendance a point of discussion during Parent-Teacher conferences.

· Recognize not only good student attendance, but improved attendance as well.

Gotta Question?

· eSchool Help Ticket – use this form to enter information regarding eSchool issues or concerns

· – send your general comments or questions here about PowerBI, assessment or accountability

· SPS Data Request Form - place your data requests here and email with further questions

Professional Day

Monday, Oct. 15th, 8am

district wide

A reminder per collective bargaining unit agreement: The majority of the day is for teachers to complete grade cards and wrap up 1st quarter work and assessments. You do have some discretion of time if you choose leadership directed/whole staff professional development. A good rule of thumb: A couple of hours for leader directed work (no more than 2.5 hours), with the rest of the day given to teachers to self-regulate.
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Upcoming Learning Support Events

  • October 2 - Kindergarten ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30 - 3:30)

  • October 3 - 1st Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30 - 3:30)

  • October 4 - Integrated Unit Revisions - 3rd & 5th (8-3)

  • October 5 - Integrated Unit Revisions - 3rd & 5th (8-3)

  • October 9 - 2nd Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30 - 3:30)

  • October 9 - Library Media Specialists PL Day: “What’s New in Literature” (8-3:30)

  • October 10 - 3rd Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30 - 3:30)

  • October 11 - K-2 Super CDC (8-11)

  • October 11 - 3 - 5 Super CDC (12:30-3:30)

  • October 16 - 4th Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30 - 3:30)

  • October 17 - 5th Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30 - 3:30)

  • October 18 - Integrated Unit Revisions - 2nd & 4th (8-3)

  • October 19 - Integrated Unit Revisions - 2nd & 4th (8-3)

  • October 19 - Explore Curriculum Writing (8-3)

  • November 5 - Explore Curriculum Writing (8-3)

  • November 6 - Master Learner Numeracy Year 1 - Kindergarten (8-11)

  • November 6 - Master Learner Numeracy Year 1 - 1st Grade (12:30-3:30)

  • November 7 - Master Learner Numeracy Year 1 - 2nd Grade (8-11)

  • November 7 - Master Learner Numeracy Year 1 - 3rd Grade (12:30-3:30)

  • November 8 - Master Learner Numeracy Year 1 - 4th Grade (8-11)

  • November 8 - Master Learner Numeracy Year 1 - 5th Grade (12:30-3:30)

  • November 8 - Master Learner Elementary Literacy Year 1 - (8-11)

  • November 13 - Kindergarten ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • November 14 - 1st Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • November 15 - Master Learner Institute Year 2, K-5 PBL (8-11)

  • November 27- 2nd Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • November 28 - 3rd Grade ELA Curriculum Writing (8:30-3:30)

  • November 28 - Math Standards Committee (8-3:30)

  • November 29 - Master Learner Institute Year 3 (8-3)

Learning Support Updates

SPS Libraries & Library Media Specialists

Library Media Specialists are in the thick of the book buying season! All LMSs participated in a PL day centering around “What’s New in Literature” on October 9th. Our expert guest speaker was Shauna Yusko (Twitter @MrsYuskoLibrary). Shauna is a nationally known children’s and young adult literature reviewer and speaker. She shared many great newly released and soon-to-be-released titles for SPS LMSs to consider.



There will be a variety of professional learning opportunities available at Activate SPS on November 6th related to English Language Arts. Below you can see the ELA options for all K-5th Grade Teachers:

Previously Offered Presentations

ELA: Lexia Deeper Dive

ELA: Raz-Plus Deeper Dive

ELA: Reading Plus Deeper Dive

ELA: Utilizing the Reading Strategies Book

ELA: Utilizing the Writing Strategies Book

New Presentations

ELA: Phonics, Spelling, and Word Study - 2nd Grade (Must Do)

ELA: Reader's Workshop Independent Reading and Conferring

ELA: Reader's Workshop Book Talks, MiniLessons, and Group Share

ELA: Reader's Workshop Small-Group Instruction

ELA: Standards, Item Specifications, and Blueprints

ELA: Writer's Workshop Independent Writing and Conferring

ELA: Writer's Workshop Minilessons and Group Share

ELA: Writer's Workshop Writing Prompts

Second Grade Phonics

Fountas and Pinnell Phonics, Spelling, and Word Study kits are being distributed for second grade classroom teachers. In addition, every building will receive an extra kit for SPED and/or Title I to share. Here is the distribution list I provided GSC.

The lessons in the teacher’s manual are not in the correct order for implementing the program. They are grouped by category. I have compiled a spreadsheet with the lessons in the correct lesson order for second grade. I have also downloaded the ready resources and linked them in the spreadsheet.

Teachers are welcome to begin using these kits immediately. The lessons should be a 10-15 minute minilesson during Reader’s Workshop. However, if teachers would rather wait for further instruction, they can wait until after ActivateSPS in November.

Letterland can now be considered a supplemental resource. If Letterland is returned to GSC, it will not be able to be redistributed at a later date.

Math Updates

There are lots of new offerings for math sessions during Activate November! Here is a list of the sessions:

  • Math Workshop Collaboration - Grade-level specific

  • Math Workshop: Small Group Interventions (required)

  • Number Talks 2.0

  • Promoting Discourse with Math Talk Moves

  • Standards Deeper Dive

Many of you have already had Bridges Training offered at your sites and the feedback has been amazing! I got to sit with some teachers to deliver several trainings and heard lots of great conversations about using this as a small group intervention. I am excited to see how teachers will use this resource to help narrow the achievement gap in mathematics and support our learners who are performing below grade level.

In the required session for teachers at Activate, they will dive deeper into how to determine which students need intervention and how to identify where to start instruction. If you would like more information on Bridges Intervention and the research on intervention, please visit the canvas page here.

Woot! Woot! #SPSMathChat was a HUGE success! Thank you to all of you who took part in this collaborative opportunity! I am excited to announce that our January chat will be hosted by Jennifer Lempp, the author of Math Workshop! Interested in joining in on the conversation? See the schedule below:

Looking for a resource to help teachers pose student-centered questions in math class? Check out this list of 100 Questions to Promote Mathematical Discourse. Ask teachers to choose 3-5 questions to try using in their conversations with students and between students. This is a great way to help students take charge of their own learning and shift discussions from teacher-centered to student-centered.
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from Marty Moore-

Thanks for Expressing Thanks!

SPS is blessed to have so many partners in the community providing support for teachers and their students. Gifts of time, talent and resources - both large and small - add up to make a difference! Collectively you’re doing a great job finding creative and low-cost ways to thank the groups that support your students in ways that are specific, personal and authentic:

  • Thank you letters from students with student art or pictures of events

  • Certificates of appreciation

  • Partner breakfast or lunch

  • Shout outs on social media with a tag to the partner

  • Submitting stories to the Communications department for inclusion in newsletters

  • Providing school or district swag

  • Short videos

Thank you for ensuring that your site partners feel connected and valued! As G. B. Stern noted, “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.

from J-

It was fantastic to learn with you yesterday. Your feedback is important, and provides guidance for me, Mike and the DELTA team as we review and plan. Please provide October Job Alike input here. Also, per Dr. Jungmann's request during our SLT, please provide your reflection around Academic Success and Graduate Outcomes.

As a reminder, Kelsey Brabo sent an email out on Oct 5 about Lottery Process Information for WOLF & AOE. Please review and be aware of the content of that email should any families ask.

One of my recent reads was Organizing Genius by Warren Bennis. The subtitle of the book is The Secrets of Creative Collaboration. In it, Bennis identifies characteristics of Great Groups. Below are a few that stuck out to me, and I would ask you to reflect on your role as being a Leader of a Great Group (the last 3 were shared at JA):

*Great Groups and leaders create each other.

*Great Groups always have an enemy.

*Great Groups have blinders on.

*Great Groups see themselves as "winning underdogs."

*Great Groups are optimistic (not realistic).

*Great Groups believe they are on a mission from God.

Thank for reconnecting to your why, and knowing your mission. Make it a great week!