All about me

To Mason

Currie Middel School

This is where I go to school Currie Middel School everyone here is nice a we have a elementary school next door its Thorman elementary where panthers grow up to be cougars.The school is great for all of us to be the smartest cats to change the world here we have a robotic group and art.the teachers here are very nice.

What I do on my free time

On my free time I like to draw one day my drawing will change the worlds art museum and I like to watch videos about my favorite YouTuber his name is Skydoesminecraft or sky.that is what I do on my free time and spending time with my baby cousin Amaya she is 1 years old.

Sports I like to play


I live in Tustin California and this is a small city and currie and Thorman were big if we work together and Tustin is a great place some time theirs a fair at church in front of the school.this is my home town.