Putting Casinos in Minnesota

By: Marcus Hultrgen

Pros to Gambling

If we legalized gambling in Minnesota, there would be a lot more money for the MN government to put taxes on. Last year as a whole the MN casinos raked in $1.4 billion in profits. Imagine how much of that $1.4 Billion will be in taxes... and using that tax money we can use it for education, road construction, and much more.
If we legalized gambling in Minnesota, we could help provide the unemployed with jobs. That would be a great benefit to the state because there will be more money in our economy. The biggest benefit is that there will be less people in poverty because people who don't have jobs will be able to get one and make money.
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Best Locations

The best locations are to put the casinos are in the downtown area. The reason we should put casinos in the downtown area is because there is a huge population of people that live there, on weekends the downtowns areas attract a lot of people, and the downtown is very easy to access for most of the MN population. The number 1 location is by the new Vikings stadium, the Vikings can seat 73,000 and the plan to fill every seat. If they can get people to go to the game and the casino that would work out great!
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Cons to Gambling

Gambling is good for the state government, but it isn't good for the people. Due to gambling a person can bankrupt their whole family over a few games that they might have a "winning" chance. In Illinois 21% of gamblers filed for bankruptcy... That is what could happen to people in Minnesota if we legalize gambling. If we legalize gambling we could destroy families faster than a blink of the eye. By doing that we set the public back from achieving something good cause they lost everything they had.
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