Night Themes

by: Ben Bean

In hard times people can lose faith

In the book Night Eliziere is put to an ultimate test of his faith in God. He, like a lot of people lost faith in God when they needed him most and he did not answer what they wanted. In the story even a rabbi who would be the last person you would expect to lose faith does just that.


The whole book seems to be along the lines of how he survived. Quickly Eli learned how survive in the camp. He was lying about his age, having gold teeth, and doing what it takes to not get picked for selection. He realized it took a combination of not acting too strong or too weak to survive.

Father and son relationship

He and his dad worked together the whole for the majority of time in the camps to help each other not get selected. There were some very close calls but they quickly realized that they were relying on each other and that relationship even diminished after a while.