Holy Island

The Monks on Lindisfarne lived a life of solitude. Monks usually only prayed and farmed, and one day the Vikings just came and attacked and killed many of the monks and people living on the Island.


Lindisfarne was attacked in 793 by Vikings, Lindisfarne is located in Northumberland England. This was considered the first major attack from the Vikings.

Lindisfarne was also known as the holy island as it had many monks and monasteries on the island.


Vikings attacked it mainly for food, water, and wealth but the people of the island didn't believe so, they thought they did something wrong and God was punishing them for their mistakes.

How did the Vikings attack?

The Vikings didn't use many ships while attacking Lindisfarne, they used surprise and fear. The Vikings used long swords and axes, and really didn't have much armor.

Vikings loved to put fear into their enemies. Vikings were said to go into states were they wouldn't feel pain and would be foaming at the mouth.

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The Christians would have thought the Vikings represented the Devil, they were completely unlike the Christians. The Vikings even believed in sexual relationships between boys and men, which was something Christians would have never done.
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This attack on Lindisfarne can be considered important because it was the first major attack the Vikings had done and started the Vikings movement. Viking attacks still went on for almost 200 years after lindisfarne.