North Korea Reformation

dealing with North Korea

The Annoying Constiant Threat

These days you cant go and watch the news with out it talking about the problem in North Korea. That is starting to drive me nuts, i don't know about you, but i cant stand those Koreans. They are a problem to the world so much so that it is starting to effect us here in the USA, for example; North Korea attacks on South Korea has them more worried about getting attacked than making our computers. They are growing into a powerful problem, too recently, they have been building up their nuclear arsenal, but they now only need the rocket to transport the weapons.

I Know Whats Coming For Those Rats

North Korea is in what i like to call a delusional state, literally, they treat their ruler like a god, and he is not doing anything to help his people. he's only talking a lot smack on going nuclear war, so lets give what Kim wants and attack him first. In order to get rid of this problem; what we have to do is simple. simply declare war on North Korea first then use our very powerful nuclear weapons to quickly destroy them. Then grow or build anything that we need or want, for example, a cool resort.

The Plan

The plan is simple because we already have the nuclear weapons. actually here is a little fun fact we spend $40 billion a year, or 10 per cent of the annual US military budget on nuclear weapons. And guess what the money is not for the production of new ones it is just the maintaining of current ones. so my idea wont cost us money it will save us money because the less nuclear weapons we have the less we have to maintain.

the pros of my Plan

this plan is excellent idea because for starters me and you both know that North Korea will eventually do something and i bet it will not be good. Also that this plan will help us get use some of the nukes we have and the will equal to actually saving us money. Also afterward will have that land to us so we can build stuff like factories and make even more money. the south Korean people are going to like us more because of this so the are going to sell us computer for less money and we get to put the North Korean out of their pain

other ideas

"no one has ever actually came to a trade or peace agreement with this country. Nor has anyone think that maybe that our government (CIA) can over throw the government over there and there isn't really a need for large military action". All these are other ideas that people had come with a risk mine on the other hand dosn't. So destroying an island is not a problem but getting a group of people to become democratic is hard and pain staking.

All and All

Think of it this way if we don't deal with North Korea today and stop their nuclear arms race with their so called enemy the US. They will strike first and they will hit hard probably where we are the most weakness here at home. so if your going to put down my idea just remember that no one else is doing anything about this problem. and that the next war we fight the enemy will be prepared and have nuclear weapons. so do you really want to take that chance it time to take action.