The Deep Sea

Anthony Erlinger

What To Expect

In this sea adventure you will be traveling to the Deep Sea. The average temperature is 0 degrees celsius, so bundle up! The average density is 1.028 and the average pressure is over 200 atmospheres so take aspirin or you will have a major headache. The average salinity is 3.5%. Here is what you will need for the trip. Some Fun things you could do are swim with the wildlife. Have fun swimming with an Anglerfish.

1. Warm clothes

2. Food

3. Medicine

4. Flashlights

5. Oxygen

On the ocean floor you could see,

1. Many different kinds of octopuses

2. A rocky floor that drops off in some places.

3.A fangtooth

4. Shrimp

5. A dragon fish

6. Zooplankton

7. An Anglerfish

8. A shark

Science Facts

1. The currents in the deep sea keep the water fresh for the fish, kind of like a filter.

2. To help the zone, you can pick up trash and recycle.

3. An animal or plant can affect an ecosystem. This is a Biotic Factor.

4, Humans rarely go down to the deep sea so it could be harmful to the fish if humans do go down there.