By: Yahyaa and Ahmed

Where it began...

The first oil mine in North America was found by James William in 1856. Ever since, Canada has continued to be a major producer of crude oil. Furthermore, natural gas is also a commodity abundantly mined in Canada. Canada is now recognized as one of the major producers of oil and gas in the world.
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Companies in Canada

Technological Changes

Invention and Innovation

New methods of drilling were invented to efficiently extract larger quantities of oil and gas. Some of these techniques include hydraulic fracturing, offshore drilling, and the use of seismic imaging.

New Process

Distribution and Inventory Control

Distribution has been enhanced greatly within Canada and between the North American countries through the use of pipelines. The first pipeline in the world was constructed in Canada.

Inventory control has become a very important aspect of the oil and gas business. This prevents accidents and manages the overall quality of the products.

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New Attitudes and Trends

Environmental Awareness and Health Concerns

Many oil spills have occurred in recent years. They have a terrible impact on the environment also require immense resources to clean up.

Pollution is also a growing concern. Pollution from a variety of sources including car and factory pollution have a negative impact on the health of people. Smog is a growing problem in many countries. These problems are caused due to the overuse of fossil fuels including oil and gas.