Aerospace Engineering

Taylor Hodes

What is Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers primarily design and develop flight vehicles, such as airplanes, missiles, spacecraft, and satellites. They also conduct research for flights in the atmosphere, space and any fluid environment. I am interested in this engineering field because I am interested and fascinated by super-sonic flight and flight in general.

Typical Day for a Aerospace Engineer

Many aerospace engineers work in an office environment and their days consist of

  • Creating and analyzing computer models
  • Testing designs
  • Designing software
  • Attending meetings
  • Writing reports

Starting Salary for an Aerospace Engineer

The annual salary for the bottom 10% of aerospace engineers is $66,110.

Education Needed for Aerospace Engineers

high school students wishing to become an aerospace engineer should take courses in chemistry, physics, and math, including algebra, trigonometry and calculus. Entry-level engineers usually have a bachelor's degree in the field but some also complete their master's in engineering so they can work as a professor or do research and development.

It is important that the aerospace program one is attending id accredited by ABET.

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