Tell The Story To Its End

An interesting story with many dark and unexpected twists.

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The main character in "Tell The Story To Its End" is Oli, a 12 year old boy who has just moved to the country with his mom, his Uncle Rob, and his Aunt Bekah. The story starts with Oli wanting to explore in the attic of his aunt and uncle's house. He goes up into the attic and ends up finding a mysterious creature named Eren. Oli wants to know why his father isn't going to come join his mom and him in the country side of London, but the problem is that none of the adults around him will tell him why. Eren, on the other hand, knows the truth, but he won't just give him the answers he is looking for. His odd new friends, Em and Takeru, both try to help Oli get all his questions answered. The theme of this book is that to get what you want, you may have to give up something else.

Would I Recommend This Book To Others?

I chose this book because the front cover stood out to me and the title seemed interesting. I read the summary on the back of the front cover and wanted to know more about the story. I think teenagers or adults would enjoy this book the most because it is very mysterious and a little bit creepy. Anyone younger may not understand the book completely. This book is a good read because it continued to make me question about what was going to happen. I would definitely suggest that others should read it.

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