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Are you the one?

If you’re passionate about entrepreneurship and start ups and you are willing to add a dash of writing, we are presenting a wonderful opportunity to get to know start-ups and the tech eco-system up and close.


Well, nothing beats a curious and dedicated soul. So we aren’t so hung-up on your qualification.

Ground Rules:

  • Bring passion/insights to the table. You should be hungry to learn and foolish enough to discover new things!
  • You can write and can write regularly.
  • Location is no big-deal. Just have good internet.
  • Probation-based for 2 months. Post that you get a stipend!
  • Good writing skills.

We are the third largest entrepreneurship blog in India, and are actively building a Global Youth-Centric Startup Community.

We cover Entrepreneurs of all sorts and provide a special platform to Campus Start Ups

Tech, Service, Social Media, Social Entrepreneurship? You name it and we cover it. We live, eat, breathe entrepreneurship and if you do the same you have stumbled upon the right people. Drop us a line.