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Family Night

Curing Cabin Fever in Kids

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 5-6:30pm

222 Forest Lane

Montello, WI

Sponsored by Title 1 and GP3

Forest Lane Community School

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Junior High

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Senior High

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High Marq Environmental Charter School

High Marq students finished working on the eagle eyrie at MacKenzie Environmental Education Center and learned more about the animal exhibits. All field teams were able to complete work in building the walls of the giant nest and weave more branches into the nest to make it more life like. Students also toured the animal exhibit area and learned more about the wildlife management techniques used at MacKenzie Center. Overall, a largely successful day and a special thank you to MacKenzie Center for giving us the opportunity to build the giant nest!
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Grading for Learning

Standards-Based Grading Overview

6-8 Middle School Model

Article by Rick Wormeli

6-8 Middle School Parent Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 7:30am

222 Forest Lane

Montello, WI

  • Location: Board Room

Edcamp Montello

Thank you to everyone who donated raffle prizes for edcamp Montello - Including Kwik Trip Montello, Marzano Research, Matt Miller, Jason Bretzman, and the Jarvis Family

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