The Assassination of Robert Kennedy

America's Turning Point


1968 was packed with a variety of heart-wrenching events. Anti-war movements were sprouting across the country, with thousands of Americans angered the country was still in Vietnam. Civil rights leader, Martin L. King Jr had been assassinated the previous spring and riots were ignited over his death across the nation as well. After winning the Primary in California, younger brother of America's beloved former president John F. Kennedy, and current Attorney General, Robert Kennedy was set to get the Democratic nomination and run in the presidential election against Richard Nixon.

What Happened?..


Robert 'Bobby' Kennedy gave his victory speech at the Ambassador Hotel in L.A. on June 4, 1968, after winning the Democratic Primary.Shortly after his speech, before arriving to a press conference, he was shot multiple times by Palestinian immigrant, Sirhan Sirhan. Two other reporters were shot in the forehead and a teenager was shot in the leg. Kennedy was pronounced dead the next morning at age 42. He was the third major assassination of the decade following his brother, 5 years earlier and Dr. King just 3 months earlier.