The Sun Exploding

Black holes and surviving the dark snowy lands of earth.

The Sun is Gonna EXPLODE!

In millions of years the sun is gonna explode and will forever be that way, it will create a black hole because the sun is a star. We cannot do anything about it now, The only thing we can do would survive or civilize in another solar system/Galaxy. The land would be covered in snow and ice and reach up to -72°. You've feel like there is no hope for human life on our beloved planet Earth. Note that at the time the sun explodes a galaxy called 'Andromedra' will be close to merging with our galaxy, The Milky Way. Including tons of stars and planets that will hopefully light up Earth. The moon won't emit light because the sun was getting light to reflect from the moon to the Earth. Maybe not a lot of people with survive but more civilized areas will (Depending if they are still there of course).

Can we survive this?

The gravitational force may change, but can we survive the icy land? Well If a human can survive the ice age then we can probably survive this, but now it feels like global warming might save us from this (Global warming is us trapping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere). Our solar energy will no longer be available and non-civilized country's (West Africa) may be in trouble. But some arctic animals and fish can probably survive this which would be a good thing because by the time we'd probably had figured out a way to go down to the deep ocean and make some sort of underwater base. We can dig down to somewhere warm near or somewhat close to the earth's core. But for people still on the surface we'd have to use animal pelt because those would be one of the only ways we could somehow survive on the surface of Earth, If we went to mars we would freeze to death.


So, we might be able to survive this in the future hopefully as we get more technically advanced. Until then, don't worry