BY Timothy Webb

Before The Plane Crash

Before the plane crash Robie was in honolulu with her aunt. She was getting her nose piercings and Robie always had this thing were se says "TELL ME SOMETHING WORSE". After she got her piercings she went back to her aunts apartment she thought,it was better than her home because she says "I CANT DO THE THINGS I DO IN HONOLULU AT HOME"she felt free. When her aunt had to go on a research project in LA Robie had to stay at the apartment until she comes back but, that does not happen she starts to feel home sick she gets on a plane with Max and leaves Honolulu to go home.

In the OCEAN

Ok so in the past Robie is on a plane with max. Now the plane crashed Robie and max survived the crash but Max friend Larry didn't make it. So now robe and Max are stuck in the middle of nowhere in the ocean.Robe and max are on the raft.Max was sleeping a lot and they were vary dehydrated. Robies skin was peeling off of her body. Max had a diddie bag and Robie was hungry and found skittles in it also she found things to help her survive.

Then The raft had a hole in it so she pushed Max of the raft and she sealed the bottom of the Raft.she Also found things to help her survive in the ocean.


On the Island Robie was there with her imagination Max and she just noticed when she got on the island Max was dead.After she got there there was a suit and it looked like it was inflated. When she looked in the water there was a dead body she quickly looked away and ran away from the water. She found a Hawaiian Monk Seal with its Mom so Robie killed its mom and saved it from the tiger shark. Finally she was found by a group of Researchers.