Paper Towns

By: John Green

Theme One: Everyone Has Dimensions

Quentin Jacobsen is, what some might say, a stereotypical nerd. He is remarkably intelligent, always arrives to school early, lacks any sense of spontaneity, and is a straight A student. Margo Roth Spiegelman is the most popular girl in school that everybody loves. She is friends with everyone and is believed to be the typical popular girl. She especially loves adventure. Eventually as the story progresses, you find out more and more about the two. Margo finds out that Quentin actually can be spontaneous when he leaves Orlando on a chase for her. In addition, Quentin finds out that there's more to Margo than just the popular girl. Margo is actually very deep, loving poetry and music, wanting to leave the ¨paper towns¨ and live life in different places every week. So despite their reputations, both find out that there is more to them than meets the eye.

Theme Two: Chase after what you truly desire in life.

Margo had always believed since she was young that she needed to be the perfect daughter, perfect girl at school, etc., but in her High School years, she decides that that wasn't ¨her.¨ She realizes that there is more to life than just growing up and dying, so she sets off in an attempt to go against the norm and start a new life away from Orlando, Florida. She ends up making the plan to do what she truly wants, which is to travel the world, never staying somewhere permanently.

Quentin has known from day one that he wanted to be successful in school, college, and his future occupation. Growing up with two psychologists for parents has put a sound head on his shoulders. He has wanted to go to an ivy-league school and graduate onward towards a well-paying job. Quentin has also known that Margo Roth Spiegelman has been the one for him since they became neighbors back when they were young. As soon as Margo disappears, Quentin sets off, determined to find her and make sure she's okay. Although he does find her in the end, they both decide to still pursue their dreams of college and travelling, hoping to meet each other again in the future. It's kind of a twist on the typical love story ending where they meet and stay together forever, which I liked.

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How The Themes Relate

At the beginning, both Margo and Quentin appear to fall guilty of every one's opinions of them. Margo, the fun-loving popular girl, and Quentin, the usual nerd. Despite these beliefs, they manage to stay true to who they really are, which actually stray away from everybody's views. In the end, they use their individuality to pursue their goals and live their dreams.