why everyone should get a cat!!!

By Sandra Gutierrez

A cat wiggled it's tail,swaying side by side.It's eyes locked in position,looking at the laser. The cat stops for a moment,then it runs with energy towards the light. Cat's are very cute animals,and they are one of the best pets in the world. I believe people should get a cat because they have good hygiene,they are playful,they are clean,and they show you they love you very much.

Cats are very clean animals,because when they see a dirty litter box,they often refuse to get in. Another reason cats are so clean is they clean themselves. According to Elizabeth P,"when they feel dirt lodged in their fur,cat's use their tongue to clean themselves.Their tongue is very rough,unlike ours,and cat's basically use their tongue as a washcloth." Cats are very flexible,so this help's them to turn around and lick almost all or their body.

A cats purr is a great sound.If you rub their backs very gently,they will purr to show you that they enjoy you rubbing them. According to Elizabeth P,"cats sometimes rub their faces on your leg,and most people assume that they do this because they love you,but it can also be other things. They might be asking for food,or they might want to tell you something."

Cats are very playful animals. you can point a laser into a wall,and the cat will quickly run over to play with the light. They also like long toys,because they can run over to follow it. According to Manx cat,cats love to scratch objects,but you can solve the problem by buying a scratching post."You can also place a bell in front of them,and if you move it pretty fast, they will try to grab it with their paws.

Cats are amazing little animals,because they are very clean,they are playful and they have amazing hygiene. So, what are you waiting for?? Go to the nearest animal shelter and get a cat! Trust me,cats will bring you happiness.


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