Jaguar Journal

Week of January 2nd

Welcome Back!!!

I hope you all enjoyed a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of school life. It has been wonderful to not need to set an alarm clock. As I prepare mentally for us to return to school and the new year, I keep thinking of the important work we do daily with students! We have a little over half an academic year to continue making an impact with the students in our classrooms/in our building for this year. Every day and every moment is critical to their growth this year! I look forward to continuing the work to ensure that we are growing students academically, socially and emotionally. We do important work everyday! Looking forward to rocking 2019 with each of you...Team NCE all the way!!!

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Important Dates for the Week:

Wednesday, January 2nd:
  • Welcome Back!
  • Please stop by the mailroom to get your LUCKY DUCK sometime this week! : ) Good things are coming in 2019!

Thursday, January 3rd:

Friday, January 4th:


  • PLC's - this week it will be difficult to hold all our scheduled PLC's. Please work with your grade level to plan together during specials one day! Let's begin 2019 working smarter together!

  • mClass MOY Updates - please take some time this week to read over this document. Please reach out to Brittany and/or Mandy if you have questions. Let's be ready to hit the ground running!

  • Save the Date: January 7th after dismissal. If you are interested in brainstorming and coming up with ideas for your classroom core behavior plan and consequences...plan to join us! Location will be announced soon!


We will be making slight changes to the AM/PM duty schedule prior to next week. We will begin Breakfast Brainiacs (a tutoring opportunity for students beginning as early as 7:25) and this will require us to adjust a few things to ensure coverage of all areas including tutoring. Schedules will be distributed prior to Breakfast Brainiacs starting.

AM Car Duty for this Week: DePietro, B. Horton, Avilia, Spencer, Parrish

PM Car Duty for this Week: Lowing,, Spencer, Gomez, Rafetto, Carazo, Brillhart, Robinson, Knaus, K. Horton

Please remember that if you are out, it is necessary for you to ask a friend to cover your duty for you. Subs are not ideal for helping with this duty and are suppose to leave prior to the end of afternoon car duty. We need all hands on deck for this important duty each day.


Is there an issue that is affecting the culture of your classroom (not just a few students) Ms. Loftus and Mr. Trygar have been trained in Restorative Circles and are willing to come model a circle in the classroom if you would like. Please contact one of them with specifics on the issue and potential times when the circle could take place.

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