Day in the Life

Dr. Martins

Popular in the 60's but have made a comeback and are now popular in the lives of teens and girls like me!!!

Sex is Healthy!!

The concept of sexuality is everything. Women at a very young age start to like "older" men that have a lot of money, sorta like a millionaire. Women see value as money, security and fun.
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Not only is the mainstream music stuff like pop and rap a trend but it amazing. People listen to music everyday. Mainstream music can also include the oldies but I've noticed it is only the ones that were a big hit. There are some exceptions like Micheal Jackson and 2Pac who gained a majority of their fame after they had passed away


Mainstream drugs are mostly psychedelics. Psychedelics are drugs that give hallucinations or mess with a person perceptions. Not only do they make you feel better but the trip is amazing. When you are on psychedelics like magic mushrooms or LSD you forget about your problems and all the negativity, plus everyone else is doing it so why shouldn't you?