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February 16, 2016

Thank You...

  • To Tanya and Chandra for all the work they have done and are doing with moving to the portables.
  • To Donna, Nesta, Anna, Sophie, and Vanessa for giving their time to help with the move to the portables.
  • To Sheri and Trina for all their work building the shelving for the portables.
  • To Karen G and Cheryl for sharing a room so collaboratively, and to Karen for managing her many music 'room' transitions so graciously.
  • To Betty for overseeing many of the logistics and details around the moves.
  • To Kaye for cleaning the portables in preparation for the big move in.
  • To the maintenance folks (Terry, Troy, and Dale) for moving the big stuff (including the risers).
  • To Carole and Heidi for making the very best of running K programs in a small space for 2 years!
  • To Jan and Marica for their valuable presentations today!
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Literacy Resources

Cheryl and Alda will be here next Wednesday afternoon for a meeting with diamond team members to discuss their recommendations for new resources. Yay!
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Accountability Pillar

If you were absent for this portion of the day, please get a code from Darin and log on to the survey link by February 26th. Thank you! :)

Was there a memo?

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Update on the Staff Room

When Darin, Christine, and I spoke with Carole recently about moving out of the staff room, we looked at things from a broad perspective and came up with the following concerns:
  1. This time of the year is an optimal learning time for children in kindergarten. If you've ever worked with K kids, you can attest to how long they need to prepare for, learn and rehearse new patterns for routines. A lot of instructional minutes would be lost at a key time of year, so we considered staying put might be in the best interest of the FI K kids.
  2. There are a lot of unknowns right now. We just started the budget process for next year by handing in the enrolment projections today. A lot can happen between February and June as we gain clarity and understanding from the province and division. Therefore, Carole was informed she might move now, but be asked to move again at the end of June. Two moves in four and a half months is too much to ask.

In the end, a collaborative decision was made for FI K to remain where it is for the last four months of this school year. Having said that, we anticipate putting tables and chairs in Chandra's old B den classroom, so staff members have a place to meet any time and to eat, visit and relax.

Super Signs of Literacy... All in One Classroom!!

So, whose room is it? The answer is hiding in the picture below.

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Early Years Task Force - Talking Points

Tracy SB and Tracy D are on this WC task force; here's a little info for you. The last task force meeting takes place on February 23. The task force recommendations will then go to the superintendency team for decision-making.
  • The purpose of our task force is to provide advice and input for recommendations that will go forward to the Superintendent's team.

  • Looking at how to provide best consistent and equitable services to our early learners.

  • Talking about best practices and common beliefs.

  • Developing a strong approach and vision for early learning & the impact it has through to grade 12

  • A systemic approach, including a need for understanding and support at all levels, including superintendency and board members

  • Creating a foundational learning experience where students can think critically & be great problem solvers

  • Implementing intentional processes of how we can engage the community

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If you aren't able to access forms and information in Docushare...

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