Babysitting baby's

By kindred Johnson

babysitting don't now what to do then read to find out what to do

watching them. watching them is not easy you have to make sure they don't roll away or puke all over them selves.or roll and smack their faces in the wall.

Feeding them peas and ether things. For feeding them ether things than bottles you can feed them:peas prunes carrots these weird bar things pumpkin mush. And ether things for want you do is you put the baby

puting them to sleep. for puting them to sleep you cary the baby up stairs [if had}then you lay them down in thier crib then shut the door quilty if they start crying you have to leve them thier of thier be really cracy.

making their play room. so how to make their playroom is you first lay a big blanket down then get baby toys lay the baby toys on the blakent get their bonuses if had then lay the babys down and watch them.

feeding them. for feeding them you get the formula put it in the bottle mixer then pour water then pull the thing up for about 10 minutes then pour it in the bottle put the bottle in the bottle wormer for about 15 then take it out get a bopi the baby then start feeding .

Those where the things you need to now how to babysitt babys.