With MEET and Google Rise

Take part in educating your generation!

As part of its relationship with and support from Google, MEET is recruiting Alumni to create short videos (less than 5 minutes) focusing on teaching CS. These videos will be aimed for an audience of youth in the region and elsewhere as well as Googlers.

  • What: This is where you can get creative! Videos can teach python, java, or whatever CS skill you learned at MEET that you think is important for local youth to learn about! Ideally, Alumni would use an example that relates to MEET's mission. E.g create a video presenting the technology behind a project you worked on that relates to MEET's mission, such as "Expose" or a project from MEET 3DS, It can be in the format of a presentation or a tutorial - the sky is the limit! Time commitment is 10 hours over the course of 2 months.

  • Who: Alumni who feel confident about their CS skills and also those who wish to take part but feel they require additional tutoring. Those who are interested in becoming TA's should apply, as this will be taken into consideration in selecting TA's.

  • Competition and prize: The Alumni behind the three best videos - as judged by a panel of Googlers - will receive a financial prize to be used to further their education (e.g. enroll in a startup weekend, take a course in advanced coding etc).

  • Google Rise: Google aspires for students to be creators of technology, not just consumers. Google Rise awards are granted to ensure this takes place through grants to CS-focused organizations around the world

Interested in applying?

Send a brief paragraph about yourself, with a brief outline of what you want to teach (idea does not have to be finalized, it can be at the initial stage) by September 20th to dmoss@meet.mit.edu!