New Vida Yoga Classes!!!

Gentle Yoga Sundays 11AM Forrest Flow Thursdays 6PM

Meet the Instructor...

Cali Simpson has been studying, practicing, and teaching yoga for 7 years. From Bhakti yoga while living in India, to Iyengar while studying in Chicago, to restorative and yin in the heat of the Costa Rican jungle, she sees the strengths and benefits in all styles of yoga practice. However, she connects most deeply to the Forrest tradition of yoga. Cali completed Ana Forrest's intensive teacher training course in the Spring of 2008 and has continued teaching Forrest Yoga ever since. Cali connects deeply to Ana's focus on yoga as a means of healing and her concentration on the body as a receptacle of emotional history. Cali feels extremely grateful that she has the tools to teach this practice to others, showing them that they too can heal themselves, connect to their source, and feel vibrantly alive.

Forrest Yoga is a unique style of Hatha yoga developed by Ana Forrest over her 30+ years of practicing and teaching. The traditional asanas have been slightly modified and new ones created to address mental, emotional, and physical ailments from the modern Western lifestyle. The specific sequencing of a Forrest class is physically rigorous, brings heat and strength to the core, allows for the time and space to find blockages and pain in oneself, and teaches how to heal: mind, body, and spirit breath by breath. In Forrest yoga tradition there is no music during class and postures are held for a long time. This asks a lot of the student; requiring them to turn in instead of tune out. Although Forrest Yoga is physically challenging, it is extremely safe for every level and every body.

Sundays at 11AM Get your Sinovial Fluid Flowing