Texting, Email, and Snail mail

By: Ben

Snail Mail

this type of mail is unique because it uses paper instead of the internet. Here are 3 facts about snail mail

  • The average of days for a letter is 2 days.
  • The average days for packages is 3 through 10 days.
  • You would use money also to get the stamps and the packages.
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Email is unique because it goes over the internet- not like snail mail. Here are 3 facts about email.

  • email does not cost any money like snail mail.
  • when you send it takes less than a minute.
  • it is delivered by the internet not by a mail man.
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Texting is unique because you can do it on your phone. Here are 3 facts about texting.

  • it auto corrects.
  • you can abbreviate
  • you can only text if you have a phone or tablet.
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