5th Grade Newsletter!


Save the Dates!

April 13-21- Scholastic Book Fair

April 16- Honoring Rountree 2pm-4pm

April 18- Spring Pictures

April 20-Spring Fling from 5:00-6:30

May 26- Last Day of School (Half Day)

Character Trait of the Month

May ~ Responsibility

During May, Rountree teachers will be looking for students who demonstrate Responsibility.
This looks like; picking up after yourself, taking care of what needs to be done, without being told.
Responsibility sounds like, "I did do that, and I shouldn't have,"-- not blaming others.

We are so proud of our Rountree Roadrunners!
We will recognize and reward these positive behaviors we are seeing at Rountree.

On Monday, May 1, 2023, we will all wear our Rountree Grade Level shirts.

Leadership Application- Due April 26th

The application is now open for our 5th graders interested in leadership next year! They may apply for as many as they want, but they will only be able to participate in one. Remind them to read carefully and answer thoughtfully. Spelling errors will not count against them. :)

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Flight Camp

Hello Rountree Families!

As this school year presented many challenges we recognized as a campus the need to devote additional time in the start of the school year on social norms and expectations at school. We want our students to S.O.A.R. at Rountree. We want to ensure that they are Safe, Organized, Accountable, and Respectful!

In an effort to help our students be successful with the expectations we will be assigning flight camp as needed. This is an opportunity for students to practice an area of expectation that needs additional support. The student will stay after school from 3:10-3:40 to practice so that they can be successful the following day. Flight camp classes will be taught on Tuesday and Thursday after school. The classroom teacher will reach out to you on the day of practice. Thank you so much for partnering with us so that your child can succeed!

Thank you,

Lara Utecht

Principal, Rountree Elementary

Free & Reduced Lunch!

Sign up here to apply for free and reduce lunch: https://paypams.com/OnlineApp.aspx


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Cell Phone Policy

We will be following Allen ISD’s policy for electronic devices. All cell phones will need to be turned off during the school day. They will not be used or needed at Rountree during the school day. Students are asked to keep them in their backpacks to avoid losing them throughout the day. Smartwatches are permitted as long as the communication feature is disabled during the school day. All classrooms and the front office are equipped with a phone; therefore, students can contact parents if needed when permission is given from the teacher. All classroom doors will be locked when the room is not in use. Once students have exited the building and are off the hardtop, they may use their cellphones.

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  • Due to our water fountains not working, we are asking that students bring a water bottle to class. We recommend a bottle with a spout flip top which is leak proof. Students will be allowed to refill their bottles as needed throughout the day.


  • Snacks will be at 10:30am.
  • Snacks are optional and not mandatory. Please keep in mind that although we want all of our students to partake, we will not be able to provide snacks for students who opt out or forget to bring their snacks from home.
  • Snacks should be a dry snack such as graham cracker, gold fish, cheese-its. We are also recommending for your child to have a hand wipes or extra napkins to wipe their hands after snack.


Your 5th Grade Teachers-

Mrs. Bankhead & Mrs. Romo