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Marbles, Mayhem and More

During the last two weeks, third grade engineers and marketers at Sicomac and Coolidge Schools have been finalizing their inventions and beginning marketing plans to convince clients that their product is just what is needed to do the job well.

We are looking forward to our marble challenge, and are inspired by all that can be done with the use of imagination and determination. The Wintergatan Marble Machine had quite an impression on us. See what you think:


We can't wait to start building our own marble machines.

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Our TED-Ed Clubs move at a steady pace as students try to complete their research so that they will have time to develop compelling speeches accompanied by supportive visuals. The topics are diverse, but all are fascinating and important.

Students at Lincoln School have been learning about speaking styles. A humorous video exemplified uptalk and its inappropriateness in a TED Talk. Students considered ways to lure their audiences through their speaking voice.

Washington School's TED-Ed Clubs analyzed the types of visuals which would best accompany their Talks. They have learned that "less is more, " as we don't want dazzling transitions or a flurry of images to distract from the important messages students bring.

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Breaking Sicomac TED-Ed News

We were all inspired to learn that four of the TED Talks produced by Sicomac School student in January are being considered for use by the TED organization on their brand new YouTube channel. Congratulations to Ava Ameres, Natalie Rosica, Jacob Rosolanko and Julia Brickman, who studied octopus intelligence, Gorongosa Park, Mars colonization and habits, respectively.
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Fourth and Fifth Grade Discovery Classes

Discovery students learned new ways to used advanced tools to refine their Google searches as they complete their research. These included finding articles written within the last 24 hours and locating images that will complement chosen theme colors. We've discussed possible modes of presentation to enable creative sharing of investigations. Students should be completing their research and transitioning to planning their end products.

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The Inquiry Fair is Coming!

Our Inquiry Fair, highlighting the achievements of Discovery Programming students, will be held on June 1, 2016 at the Wyckoff Public Library. More details will follow. We are looking for parents, staff, and other community members to serve on various committees, including technology, preparation, keynote speaker and refreshments. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would be interested in helping. Thank you!

Interesting Links for Parents:

The Educational Forum

Saturday, March 19th, 9:15am-4pm

230 Mendham Road

Morristown, NJ

Enjoy a day of imaginative workshops for parents and students, grades 4 to 12. More information can be found at https://www.scholarsearchassoc.com/index.php/north-nj-presentations1

3rd Annual Gifted Resources Seminar & The Importance of Gifted Education

Wednesday, March 30th, 6:30-8:30pm

Edison Intermediate School Auditorium, 800 Rahway Avenue, Westfield, NJ

The free seminar seeks to provide a wide range of information and enrichment opportunities to the community about a variety of programs designed for different ages and interests. Each program has different qualification criteria and objectives.

Keynote Speaker:

Alison Brown

Child Psychologist

Peak Consulting LLC

Author of “Bringing Up Bright Kids: Friendship and Social Skills”

PLUS Representatives From:

Summer Institute of the Gifted (SIG)

Johns Hopkins CTY, Stanford Online High School

HEROES Academy for the Gifted

Montclair State University's Gifted & Talented Program / Hi-Jump at MSU,

Rutgers Summer Scholars Program

New Jersey Association for Gifted Children

Robot Revolution & Westfield Debate

June Sklar Weissman

Teacher, Gifted and Talented

Wyckoff Schools

Director, Summer Institute for the Gifted

The Hudson School

Hoboken, New Jersey