School Board Notes

March 2023

NMTCC Students Recognized for Achievement

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Seven North Montco Technical and Career Center students who represent Methacton also received "M" Awards for their outstanding achievement at the SkillsUSA District 2 Competition this year.

They are:

  • Junior Addison Zick won first place in the Automotive Refinishing category.
  • Sophomore Ally Guarini won first place in the Basic Health Care category.
  • Senior Daniel Johnson won first place in the Extemporaneous Speaking category.
  • Senior Ananya Shrivastava won second place in the Prepared Speech category.
  • Seniors Sophia Riad, Isaura Mejia-Ahumada, and Jacob Gronwaldt won third place in the Quiz Bowl Team competition.

Congratulations on your achievements!

North Montco Technical Career Center Update

Dr. Gina Pardovich, Administrative Director at North Montco Technical Career Center, delivered a presentation to the Board on the state of the school. She shared that school is regularly evaluating its programs to better meet the needs of students and to ensure the programs are aligned to the needs of the workforce.

Award of Excellence

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Congratulations to Methacton’s Award of Excellence honorees for March 2023. They are: Megan Morgan, Kindergarten Teacher; Michelle Johnson, 2nd Grade Teacher; Lynn Bello, Instructional Assistant; Trish Rubendall, Office Assistant; Kimberly Fogg, 3rd Grade Special Education Teacher; and, Joan Roth, (Retired) Instructional Assistant.

New this year, a volunteer each month is awarded the Award of Excellence for their dedication and contributions to the Methacton School District.

The organization Do Moore was recognized this month. Do Moore founder Karen Whitton and volunteers Chris Moore, Scott Schapprle, and Eric Babst are appreciated for their work to support our staff and students.

All of these outstanding individuals provide support for students, staff, and our community. They are valuable team members and we are pleased to share with everyone how much we appreciate their commitment to the students of the Methacton School District.

Jr. Board Representatives

A very special thank you to Christian Green and Rachel Fitzgerald for representing Woodland Elementary School as Junior Board Representatives for March 2023. Christian led the meeting by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Rachel delivered a statement on what makes Woodland such an amazing school.

Meetings in Review

Food Services Update

Dr. Zerbe presented an update on the district Food Services program in an effort to advise district stakeholders of potential future changes to food services in the district. He shared that Aramark has provided the management and operational oversight of food services in the district since the 2011/2012 school year. Prior to this, the district operated an in-house program. He shared that the district prepared and is soliciting, as required under the law, for proposals from food service companies for the next 5 years. This means that we could have Aramark or other companies submit given the responses of the competitive bid process.

Dr. Zerbe shared that as part of our district strategic plan, we initiated a plan to target improved access to better quality/variety/dietary options for all students at all levels and to increase our ranking in Food Services from C to an A+. He also shared that, similar to the service industry marketplace, staffing challenges have limited the availability of food choices, options and quality. The district is currently 7 staff members short.

Many of the top 100 school districts in Pennsylvania have either an in-house program or have their high school off of the National School Lunch Program. The administration formed teams of students and staff from Arcola and the High school. We held discussions, conducted menu option selections, participated in taste testings, and high school students took a site visit. We incorporated that feedback in to the RFP and will have those team members assist us in reviewing the applications and selection of final vendor with a recommendation to the Board on April 18, 2023.

Dr. Zerbe shared that a recommendation of staying on or going off NSLP at high school along with the vendor in April will be an important decision. The impact of our efforts will include the following:

  • All schools will provide free/reduced meals (on or off NSLP)
  • All schools will benefit from district chef (included in RFP) – better quality/variety/options
  • All schools will benefit from increased Food Service staff wages (included requirement in RFP)
  • All school meal prices will comply with the NSLP pricing tool (on or off NSLP) (limits an increase of $0.10 increase annually)
  • All schools meals will increase in product quality based on specifications in RFP
  • Skyview/Arcola/High School will gain access to new premium meals options along with regular meal options
  • High School will gain access to grab and go beverage café option
  • Decreased food waste at high school (if we go off NSLP)

There was no decision or discussion on the matter other than ensuring that the Board and public are informed that a determination in April.

R.E.A.C.H. Update

Dr. Angstadt, Director of Pupil Services, and Dr. Bernardo from Springfield Psychological delivered a presentation to the School of Board Directors at the March 28 meeting about the district’s R.E.A.C.H program that provides intensive school-based mental health services for students who require this level of care. They shared data associated with the R.E.A.C.H program goals that focus on decreasing symptoms related to emotional difficulties, increasing attendance, increasing or maintain grades, and supporting students in their home school thereby reducing the need for alternative therapeutic placements. The R.E.A.C.H program provides:

  • Daily individual and group therapy sessions for students,
  • Collaboration and frequent communication with families, school professionals, and outside medical/mental health providers
  • Students have phone access to their therapist for after-hour support,
  • Family therapy (as needed)
  • Continuity of care throughout the school year

In addition, Springfield Psychological provides on-going support for staff within our schools, conducts in-service trainings on a variety of topics, such as Successfully Managing Classroom Behavior, De-escalation Strategies in the Classroom, and Tips and Strategies for Working with Students with Mental Health Needs and collaborates with district administration about student needs and program enhancements.

Library Resources

During his Superintendent’s Report, Dr. Zerbe shared that the district has received 10 requests from parents for reconsideration of eight library books. As noted within the library resources link on each school library website, the process for reconsideration of materials is outlined in Board Policy 109. A committee reviewed the resource materials and issued a summary report on its findings to the Director of Curriculum and Assessment. A copy of the report was shared with Dr. Zerbe and he provided a copy to the Board and the requestors. The committee unanimously determined that all eight titles remain in circulation in the library. Documents associated with this review are available for inspection at the district office during regular business hours through April 28, 2023.

Welcome Douglas Kenwood

The Board has also approved the employment of Mr. Douglas Kenwood as Director of Facilities for the Methacton School District. Mr. Kenwood is a Methacton graduate who currently serves as the Director of Facilities and Operations for Upper Perkiomen School District. He previously served as the Deputy Director of Facilities and Operations for the County of Berks. Mr. Kenwood has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Penn State and has obtained certifications as a Facilities Management Professional and a Certified ALICE Instructor.

Arrowhead Construction Updates

Fidevia provided the Board with a progress report on the new Arrowhead Elementary School. Click here to read the report. You can also keep up with the latest on the Arrowhead construction project by visiting:

All other items listed in the March 28, 2023 agenda were approved.

March 28, 2023 Regular Meeting of the Board

March 28, 2023 Regular Meeting of the Board

March 21, 2023 Work Session Meeting of the Board

March 21, 2023 Work Session Meeting of the Board

Board Notes

The Methacton School District's Board of School Directors meets each month. School board work session meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of the month, followed by the regular meeting on the fourth Tuesday (except during the month of December). Regular Board and Work Session meetings typically take place in the Arcola Auditorium, and all residents are invited to attend. Committee meetings take place in the MHS LGI. Meeting agendas are posted to Agenda Manager, and start times and locations are posted on the District's website. Please confirm meeting time and location before attending. Download the meeting calendar here. Watch the meeting video online.