mass hysteria

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when and where did it take place?(crucible)

The events took place in 1692, in Salem ,Massachusetts

what event spurred the hysteria?(crucible)

Rumors of witchcraft start are alive and well in Salem. And the girls use it to cover up their actions , the reverend Paris uses uses it to protect his daughter, niece and own reputation and the community feeds into it and this is what starts the mass hysteria.

who was involved ?(crucible)

Reverend parris-minister in salem.

Betty parris-parris daughter her father came to first conclusion of witch trails.

Abigail Williams-parris niece and instigator of witch trails.

Tituba-parris black slave

Mrs. Ann Putnam-believes witch craft led to death of 7 infant children.

Thomas Putnam-accuser of neighbor practicing witch trails.

Susan Walcott-take trails for falsely accusing of witch trails.

Sarah good-first individual accused of witchcraft.

Tituba - The Black Witch of Salem, confession scene

How were people lives impacted?(crucible)

Caused an major uproar in the community and many innocent lives were taken from family members involved ,witch cause injustice and created chaos throughout the town.
Political movie hanging scenes

Did it alter the course of history? how?(crucible)

Yes, This is now an event known as an tragic moment in history that has been spreaded across the world.

Ebola epademic (when and were did it take place?)

The latter occurred in a village near the Ebola River, from which the disease takes its name. The current outbreak in West Africa, (first cases notified in March 2014), is the largest and most complex Ebola outbreak since the Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976.

Ebola epademic (who was involed?)

Effected millions and lead to series an fatal injuries across the United States

Ebola epademic (how were lives impacted?)

The other big negative effect of the outbreak is there is increasing awareness that health facilities, unless properly supplied with essentials like infection control detergents and Personal Protective Equipment, can further the spread of infections. The community is now staying away from health facilities, and some government-run hospitals have been totally closed. This is leading to increased mortality even from non Ebola causes like many death and children dying of malaria .

Ebola epademic (did it alter the course of history?)

This event affected the world in a huge way causing many serious and fatal injuries to may across the U.S and especially the ones in the West Africa region .

Compare of both events

Both of these events have similar interest due to the fact of these both being wide spread effects in one town or community to just blowing up as I did and as you can se both of these events had a huge effect on all individual's in the area just as the crucible the lies that were told to hide the real victims of witch craft caused many innocent lives to be altered and caused an huge uproar throughout that community. And in thee cases of Ebola we can see hoe this innocent in the little town in west Africa near the Ebola river was caused an viral disease that caused the death of many innocent lives all throughout the U.S.
Ebola: The Deadliest Outbreak Explained